Epic Seven Reroll Tier List & Guide (How To Reroll E7)

Want to Reroll your summon in E7? Here is what you need.

Epic Seven is an RPG fantasy adventure game that uses summons to acquire heroes. This Gacha system is easy to use, but players get only a limited chance to obtain the character they wish to get. So here is how to Reroll in E7 guide and tier list of the Selective Summon heroes in Epic Seven.

Epic Seven E7: How to Reroll Guide & Tier List

 Reroll Tier List For E7

This Gacha has many heroes like Destina, Angelica, Sez, Ravi, Rose, and Iseria. So if you have not acquired any of these heroes from our list. You should follow this guide and Reroll for a Selective Summon.

  • First, you need to log in as a guest. The “Guest Login” option is right below the Login option.
  • Complete the tutorial and reach stages 1-4 of the adventure. Selective Summon becomes visible after 1-4.
  • You get 30-10 pulls. Press the Record Summon Results button after summoning. So that you can select any one of the recorded summonses as your final Selective Summon.
  • If you got the hero you were looking for, then you can link your game to your social account like Google, Facebook, or any other. But if you didn’t get the one you wanted. Then follow the steps below.
  • Go to settings and tap on “Reset Server“. It will ask for your nickname, for example, epic7#1e8jqr.
  • Type your nickname, and confirm your choice. Server Reset will delete all your history and friend list, and it cannot be recovered again.
  • Now, start again from step one of this guide until you get the one you are looking for.

Summon Tier List

Tier  Character
S+ Tier Sez
S Tier Destina
S Tier Vildred
S- Tier Angelica
A+ Tier Charlotte
A Tier Free Spirit Tieria
A- Tier Clarissa
B+ Tier Achates
B+ Tier Ken
B Tier Iseria
B Tier Ravi
B- Tier Baal & Sezan
B- Tier Specter Tenebria

In this guide, you read how to Reroll in E7 and the tier list of the Selective Summon heroes in Epic Seven. If you are looking for more such interesting articles. Check out the tier list for E7 and Sword of Judgement.