How To Reach Nirvana In The Sims Freeplay

Read this guide to Reach Nirvana in The Sims Freeplay from your and your Neighbor's park.

Keeping your Sims motivated by fulfilling all their six needs is crucial in this game. As motivated Sims completes tasks faster and bring more XP. Hunger, Hygiene, Bladder, Energy, Social, and Fun are the six basic needs. All needs require the support of another Sim or object except for the last one, Fun can be filled with activities like Tai Chi and Reach Nirvana of The Sims Freeplay. And here is how to perform those activities.

Reach Nirvana at Your and Your Neighbor’s Park in the Sims Freeplay

Reach Nirvana Sims Freeplay

To Reach Nirvana go to the Park, tap on your Sim, and choose Reach Nirvana. The activity will take 12 hrs if your Sim is not motivated and 11 Hrs 24 Minutes if they are motivated. This task is mostly part of Weekly Tasks or Social Tasks. And your goal is to Have a Sim reach Nirvana in the Park or Reach Nirvana in a Neighbor’s Park. If you have any of these tasks then keep reading for the steps.

  • Launch your game on an Android or iOS device.
  • Go to town mode if you are in resident mode. Tap on the location pointer icon from the bottom right and choose the icon with buildings and houses. This takes you to the main town.
  • Now look for the Park, it has a silhouette of a couple and child as an icon. Tap on it to enter the park.
  • Press the folder icon from the bottom left corner. Check for free Sim and use Whistle to call them in Park.
  • Now tap anywhere empty in the Park and let your Sim walk there. Once your Sim reaches there, tap on him or her and choose Reach Nirvana.
  • It will take the mat out of nowhere and start performing Nirvana there.
  • If you are trying to reach Nirvana in Neighbor’s Park, then tap on the globe icon and select your neighbor and Sim from the list.
  • Go to Park, tap on your Sim, and Choose Reach Nirvana.

That’s all players need to do to Reach Nirvana in The Sims Freeplay. While you are here, skim through our site GamesAdda and read how to buy Outdoor Decorations or Memphis Mansion Live Event guide.