The Sims Freeplay – Memphis Mansion Live Event

Read this to learn about the Memphis Mansion Live Event of The Sims Freeplay.

One of the best modes of obtaining new furniture, costumes, and even houses is Live Events. If you are a veteran player you might be already aware of it, but if you are not, then you should know that these kinds of events are launched every month at an interval of a few days. And in this guide, we will be learning about one such Live Event Memphis Mansion of The Sims Freeplay.

All About New Live Event Memphis Mansion of The Sims Freeplay

Memphis Mansion Event Sims Freeplay

This Live Event started on 19th March 2023 and will last for 10 days. Your goal is to unlock and purchase all the items to unlock and get the opportunity of buying Memphis Mansion and its layout. If you have crafted enough items to purchase all the unlocked rewards then you wouldn’t need to spend money except for the machines. But if you haven’t collected enough, you can use Social Points. Social points are mostly collected by completing Social Tasks in the neighboring Sim town.

How to Get a Crafting Station and Craft

Candle Station > Pottery Station > Jewelry Station > Glassware Station

You can purchase crafting stations from the Event Items tab of your Home Store in The Sims Freeplay to unlock Memphis Mansion. And these stations can be used only when you have unlocked them in the Milestone task. The first station available for use is the Candle Station and the last that unlocks is Glassware Station. They are limited objects, so you cannot place 5 Pottery Stations if the limit is 4.

Once you have purchased the station place it on an empty land. Call over your sim and tap on the station. You will see all the crafting options and duration. Select the one you are comfortable with. Keep on crafting objects to unlock and accumulate items.

Collect Constructor Coins in Memphis Mansion of The Sims Freeplay

Memphis Mansion Sims Freeplay

Milestone rewards, Daily Goals, and Coin Flower Patch are three ways of collecting Constructor Coins. These coins are important because they can’t be crafted and are necessary for purchasing most of the event items.

They are placed between other items in the Milestone reward and are unlocked with points. Most Daily Goals give Constructor Coins, you can check these tasks by tapping on the scissor icon on the top left corner and selecting a right tab. As for Flower Patch, it has two types of Spin plants. The first one uses Candles and the second uses SP.  You can use any of these ways to unlock and buy Memphis Mansion in The Sims Freeplay.

Tips to Follow for Live Event

  • Keep your Sims motivated. Motivated sims complete tasks in less time.
  • Don’t purchase the item if you have unlocked one after the start of new Daily Goals. As they reset every day and one of the tasks is “Unlock or Claim a Prize”. But as you progress unlocking items daily becomes difficult. Then you can purchase the Prize to complete your Daily Goals.
  • Buy an empty Plot and place as many Crafting stations as possible with Sims number.

That’s all players need to know about the Memphis Mansion Live Event of The Sims Freeplay. While you are here read our other guides like Teenagers quest and Fashion Designer hobby.