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How To Buy Outdoor Decorations In The Sims Freeplay

Here is how to complete the Buy Outdoor Decorations task of DIY Homes Peaceful Patio in The Sims Freeplay.

This is a task of Discovery Quest called DIY Homes: Peaceful patio. Players at level 15 or above can take this quest from the Park. Completing this quest teaches you how to build Patios and unlock Patio items. But many players are stuck at task 17, Buy Outdoor Decorations in The Sims Freeplay, as players have to spend lots of money and yet haven’t been able to complete it. If you too are facing this problem, keep reading this guide and find the answer to your query.

Buy Outdoor Decorations in the Sims Freeplay DIY Homes Peaceful Patio

Buy Outdoor Decorations Sims Freeplay

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You need to purchase decorations like Statue and Plants from Outdoor Decorations store of The Sims Freeplay. And here are the steps to purchase from it.

  • Open your game and go to the house with free land.
  • Now tap on the chair and lamp icon from the bottom right side. This will open The Home Store.
  • Scroll right to look for the Outdoor Decorations button with the flamingo icon. Tap open it.
  • There are three types of items in this section. First is which you can buy with Simoleons, Second with SP and third with LP.
  • Your goal is to purchase items worth 5000 Simoleons. If you use the first and second types of currencies, then the system will convert LP and SP values into Simoleons, which is fast.
  • Buy one Black Double Garden Screen costing 3,000 and one Black Single Garden Screen costing 2000 Simoleons to complete the task Buy Outdoor Decorations in The Sims Frreeplay.

What to Do When a Purchase Doesn’t Show

If you have bought and placed Outdoor Decorations items worth 5000 Simoleons and more, yet your task has not been completed, then restart your app. If this doesn’t work, go to any other house and have any of your Sims start a new activity. Now try again by following the above steps.

Hopefully, this article on Buy Outdoor Decorations in The Sims Freeplay was helpful for you. If it was, read the guide on Memphis Mansion Live Event and Teenagers quest.