Raspberry Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Did you know that Raspberry Cookie plays Boss in World 11? Know more about that cookie in this guide.

Raspberry Cookie is a playable cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. She is an Epic Cookie which falls under the Charge Class in the game. Also, one thing you need to know that Raspberry Cookie plays the Villain in the World 11 stage of the game. She is one of the strongest bosses you will come across in this game. So, you must prepare for her when you face her. In this guide, you will learn more about Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Get Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

Being an Epic Cookie, the chances of summoning Raspberry Cookie in the Regular Gacha are quite low. With a 0.09% chance of occurring in the gacha, you can try your luck to summon her.

Also, you can get the Soulstones in the Regular Gacha but again, it has only 0.52% chance of collecting the Soulstones in the game.

Raspberry Cookie uses 3 attacks mainly.

  • Rapier Attack
  • Raspberry Reprise
  • Triple Hit

While using the Rapier Attack, she attacks the cookie in the foremost row. Coming to the second but most deadly attack move, Raspberry Reprise. While using the Raspberry Reprise Skill, she attacks the cookie with the highest ATK stat. And Lastly, Triple Hit is the third attack of Raspberry Cookie. In this attack, Raspberry Cookie attacks the first 3 cookies in the battalion.
When it comes to Toppings, you can use two toppings for Raspberry Cookies. Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond. You can add Swift Chocolate (x3) and Solid Almond (x2) or vice versa. Alternatively, you can use Swift Chocolate (x5) along with DMG Resist sub-stats for effective use.

Raspberry Cookie as Boss

You will confront Raspberry Cookie in the World 11 and you might not be happy about that. Firstly, in order to defeat her, you need some strong cookies to clear the level. Always lookout for her infamous attack Raspberry Reprise, because that’s one move that will allow her to wipe your cookies out in no time.

A trait of Raspberry Cookie in CRK is Targeting Cookies one by one. In order to stave off the attacks, you can use Sorbet Shark Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Black Raisin Cookie or Pumpkin Pie Cookie. Ensure you upgrade their stats to the apex of your level, it will help you put up a fight against Raspberry Cookie.

Now that you know much about Raspberry Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, prepare your cookies to defeat her and clear the stage. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and check out Lilac Cookie Guide in Cookie Run Kingdom and how to Get Mango Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.