Lilac Cookie Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom

If you're searching for Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, here is everything you need to know about him.

Lilac Cookie made his initial appearance in the latter part of the Tropical Soda Island arc of the game. He is one of the Support Type Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom. His preferred position is the Middle. His aroma and freshness motivates his team mates and increases their strength. Glance through this guide to get familiar with Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Get Lilac Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

lilac cookie in crk

Lilac Cookie is an Epic cookie in the game and has a 19.2% chance to occur in the Regular Gacha. Using the Cookie Cutters, you can try your luck and obtain him in the Special Cookie Gacha. Alternatively, you can use Crystals to summon him in the Regular Gacha.

Or you can always collect the Soulstones from the Regular Gacha to unlock him. You need to collect 20 Soulstones to unlock him, similar to the other cookies in the game. With the use of the Soulstones, you can also upgrade his rank in the game.

How to Play Lilac Cookie?

He throws his Chakrams at the enemies to sweep them off the road in his regular attack. Coming to his Skill, he boosts his team mates attack with his refreshing aroma. He has a 13 second base cool down time for his boost. These qualities of him make him a powerful addition to your cookie battalion in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Sweet Candy(x5) or Chocolate(x5) are the best toppings for Lilac Cookie.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Lilac Cookie in CRK, go ahead and try and get him in your battalion. Hopefully, this article has proved fruitful to you. While you are here, why don’t you go and check out How to Get Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom and how to Get Tart Jampies in Cookie Run Kingdom?