Pancake Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom(CRK)

Want to know how to get a Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Go through this article to know how to get it.

Pancake Cookie is one of the rare cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom. The Cookie falls under the Ambush Class, which means he is positioned at the end of the cookie battalion. Clearly, the rare cookies have slight chances to be obtained in the Regular Gacha.

Similarly, Pancake Cookie has a 0.38% chance of being collected. So, how do you unlock this rare Cookie? The answer to your query is provided in the guide.

How to Unlock Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

pancake cookie in crk

There are ways to unlock the Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. One way to unlock the Pancake Cookie is to get in the Regular Gacha. But, as mentioned earlier, the chances are slim. That doesn’t mean you will not get it.

The Regular Gacha will either provide you with the Cookie or it will give you the Cookie Soulstones. You can use the Cookie Cutters that you gain by completing the challenges in the game. You can use the Crystals too in the Regular Gacha.

Coming to the second method of obtaining a Cookie, if you did not directly get the Pancake Cookie in the Gacha. Cookie Soulstones are useful in unlocking any cookie which is previously locked or to upgrade the cookie’s level. Initially, Pancake Cookie requires 20 Soulstones to unlock. These Soulstones carry the pieces of the Cookie Soul, hence you can unlock any cookie with the help of these Soulstones. Apart from the Gacha, you can get some Soulstones in the rewards too. Also, these stones can upgrade the rank of the Cookies.

These are two ways you can get Pancake Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. Play the levels to unlock more such Cookies. Keep upgrading the cookies timely, it will help you to progress in the tougher levels.

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