How To Get Tart Jampies In Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)

Are you looking for a tasty piece of pastry? Then here's how you can get Tart Jampies in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

As we all know Cookie Run Kingdom is a mobile RPG developed by Devsisters. This game has gained so much popularity in so less time and is one of the best mobile RPGs. The reason behind their success is that they frequently add new content, to keep the players engaged. Players can build buildings and collects many items in the game. There are so many cute and delicious items, that you can Bake. Recently they have added a new item in the game, which is the Tart Jampie. However, if you’re a newbie and want to know how to get the Tart Jampies in CRK, then we’re here to help.

How Can I Make Tart Jampies in Cookie Run Kingdom?

crk tart jampies

Tart Jampies can help you complete many quests and missions. It also helps in unlocking the Hall Of Ancient Heroes in the game. Making this delicious treat in CRK is very easy. Just go through the guide below, and your pie will be ready in no time.

  • For making Tart Jampies, you’ll need to unlock your Bakery.
  • After that, you need to level up the Bakery to level 2, and to do that you’ll need some items like:
    • Aurora Compass – 2x
    • Pinecone Birdy Toy – 2x
    • Candy Saw – 4x

It’ll take around 50 minutes to upgrade your Bakery to level 2. while the Bakery is upgrading, Here’s a guide on The Herb Cookie Toppings in CRK. Just go ahead and take a look at it.

  • After you’re done with the Bakery, let’s start making the Tart Jampie.
  • In order to make it, you will need some items like:
    • Jellybeans – 6x
    • Biscuit Flour – 3x

It’ll take around 20 minutes to Bake your Tart Jampie. You can also speed up the process by using the Speed Ups boost in the game.

Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to make your Tart Jampie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK), without any hassle. If you want to know how to get and use Time Jumpers in the game, then we’ve got you covered.