How To Buy Free Fire Diamonds With Bitcoin

How can players use Bitcoin to buy Diamonds and other in-game items in Free Fire?

Free Fire is a battle royale game where players need to survive and be the last squad or players to win. There are a number of skins and custom items that players can get to enhance their gameplay experience. However, all such items cost Diamonds. A lot of players would be curious to know if it is possible to buy Free Fire Diamonds with Bitcoin.

Today, we will discuss this and how players can use Bitcoin in Free Fire.

How To Buy Diamonds in Free Fire Using Bitcoin?


Currently, players can’t directly buy Diamonds in Free Free using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. However, this does not mean that players cannot use Bitcoin at all to get stuff in Free Fire. One of the best ways to use Bitcoin and get Diamonds in Free Fire is by purchasing a Free Fire gift card.

This can be done using Bitcoin. After purchasing the gift card with Bitcoin, players can redeem them for Diamonds in the game. It is quite easy to order Free Fire Gift Cards and they are available at almost all major e-commerce sites. This transaction works just like any normal gift card would.

Players can purchase and redeem their gift card in Free Fire to get items like skins, weapons, pets, etc. Moreover, players can also use the Luck Royale and Diamond Spin to get unique and exclusive rewards. All players have to do is buy the gift card and then redeem its codes in the game.

For now, players can get from 100 Diamonds to 2200 Diamonds through a Free Fire gift card. However, to purchase the Free Fire gift cards with Bitcoin players might have to go through third-party sites. As we always caution on this site, third-party sites can be a hoax. Therefore, players must excise discretion when dealing with such sites.

That is all about how players can use Bitcoin to buy Diamonds in Free Fire. For more FF content, check out How To Change Or Switch Region In Free Fire