How To Get Mango Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

Wondering how to get the Mango Cookie in Cookie Run? This guide has the answer to your query.

Mango Cookie is an Epic class cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom. He belongs to Magic Type of Cookies and it is preferred to keep him in the Middle. With his sweetening moves he increases the strength of his team mates and helps them in winning over the enemies. Let’s dive into the guide and get to more about Mango Cookie in CRK.

How to Get Mango Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?


mango cookie in crk

There are three ways in which you can summon Mango Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom.

  • You can obtain him in the Special Cookie Gacha among the other Epic Cookies. Although, you will get other cookies which you might have already, but he is worth to take a shot.
  • Alternatively, you can use the Regular Gacha to obtain him using the Crystals. Although, you must know that being an Epic, he only a 19.2% chance of occurring in the Regular Gacha. You can also use the Cookie Cutters to get him.
  • Or, you can always collect the Soulstones from the Regular Gacha. You will be able to unlock Mango Cookie with no less than 20 Soulstones in the Cookie Run Kingdom, initially. You can also the Soulstones to upgrade his rank in the game.


How to Play Mango Cookie?

Mango Cookie is a Magic Type which helps his team mates by securing the middle position. He throws mangoes at the enemies which deal considerable damage to them. About his Skill, he charges 3 waves at the enemies and throws them out of his path in the game. Because of the sweetness of his waves, he increases the attack of his team mates. Regarding his toppings, you can add Searing Raspberry(x5) or Swift Chocolate(x5).

Now that you know how to get and play Mango Cookie in CRK, go ahead and explore the other cookies in the game. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out Herb Cookie Toppings in CRK and Best Build Guide in Cookie Run Kingdom.



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