Ragnarok Origin: Best Paladin Build – Stats And Skills

Are you looking for the best Paladin class build? If you are, then read this guide.

Paladin is a 3rd class Swordsman advanced from Crusader. They are known for their capability of giving status effects to comrades and also strengthening themselves. If you chose this class as the last Swordsman job change, then this best Ragnarok Origin Paladin build would be helpful to you. And it is best to make and follow the plan before choosing a class to get better outcomes. So read this RO guide even if you are on the Crusader stage.

Best Paladin Build With Stats and Skills in Ragnarok Origin

Skill Tree Fro RO Paladin

Every class and character has six stats; STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK. It is best to choose auto-distribute if you are unaware of the required stats. But if you have read this guide, then you don’t need to do that and only follow this Paladin stats build chart.

  • STR – This stat is helpful for both Melee and Ranged classes. As it increases max inventory, the Melee weapon attacks and attacks of the characters. Recommended to have at least 50 stats in this range for better results.
  • AGI – The status gives ASPD bonus, Physical damage reduction, and increases FLEE. As many of you might be aware, this class is known for acting as Tank and Shield. This stat will enhance those aspects and give the required agility to build Paladin.
  • DEX – Dexterity is helpful in multiple scenarios. It increases Melee attack, provides Magical & Physical damage reduction, and decreases the casting time of HIT.
  • VIT – Paladins are built to act as tanks, shields, and sacrifice. And all of this requires you to stand on the ground for a long time. Thus, vitality increase plays a crucial role and gives HP recovery, Physical and Magical damage reduction. Also, max HP increases by a few stats with every point.

Recommended RO Skill Tree Build for Paladin Class

Gospel, Reflect Shield, Tenacity, Defender, and Sacrifice are five skills players should develop for all roles, including sacrifice, tank, and shield. Especially Gospel, this is not just suited but also highly recommended. Apart from these skills, Shield Chain, Dedication, and Pressure will also prove helpful if invested.

That’s all players need to follow to build the best Paladin soldier in Ragnarok Origin. If this article was helpful to you, skim our other gaming guides and read articles like the best Sniper build and how to get a pet.