Ragnarok Origin: Best Sniper Build With Stats And Skills

Want to build the strongest Sniper and sharpshooter in Ragnarok Origin? This guide will guide you.

Sniper is a 3rd class of the Archer known for its precise shoots and ranged attacks. If you have just started this job and are looking for the best Sniper build in Ragnarok Origin. Then you have landed on the right page. It is crucial to select the best combination from the start. So you don’t waste your resources and time. Now, without further delay, let us learn about the build.

Best Sniper Build for Ragnarok Origin (Stats and Skills)

Build Sniper In Ragnarok Origin

STR, AGI, VIT, INT, DEX, and LUK are six stats that Sniper has. Now you can either auto-distribute them or use the below chart and distribute them for the best outcome.

  • VIT – 60 plus stats. This status increases the physical damage reduction, Magical damage reduction, HP recovery, and Max HP. Snipers are good at inflicting ranged attacks, but defense is still an issue, so this status is crucial for safety and power. Their work drains a lot of HP. It also comes in handy in such situations.
  • DEX – 90 plus Stats. This power is equally important for both melee and ranged classes. Because this increases hit rate, attack percentage, gives ASPD a bonus, and reduces skill casting time.
  • LUK – 90 plus stats. The mentioned status is best for increasing CRIT, ATK, and MATK. All of which are plus points for ranged class jobs.
  • Distribute the remaining points among the other three statuses.

Skill Tree Recommended for Sniper Class

  • Sharp Shooting – Sharp Shooting at level 10 can inflict 800% non-attribute physical damage to the enemy and increase CRI by 20%. Plus, there will be no cooldown period. And SP consumption would be 50.
  • True Sight – It can increase the six-dimensional main attribute by 5, attack by 20%, and crit rate by 10 at max level. And there is no delay in casting.
  • Arrow Training – This enhances the strength of your arrows and deals 155 extra damage when using consumable arrows at max skill level. And it also increases Physical attack by 100.
  • Burst Claw – It is a passive attack that can increase critical attack and critical damage by 23% at level 9. Also, it increases Steel Crow attack effects by 180%.

This is all you need to pay attention to when starting as Sniper in the Ragnarok Origin to create the best build combination. If you found this guide informative and helpful. Then read our other RO guides, how to get a pet, and exit Labyrinth Forest 2F.