Ragnarok Origin: How To Get A Pet (Pet System)

Read this to know how to obtain pets in Ragnarok Origin.

Pets play a crucial role in the life of lone players. They provide stat boosts that help during the fight and also while leveling. If you are wondering how to get a pet in Ragnarok Origin, then keep reading to know the answer to your query. As many of you might know there are different classes and tiers of pets, such as Solo Attack, AoE Attack, Support, and Tank. We have covered all, so read till the end.

How to Acquire or Get a Pet in Ragnarok Origin

Get Pet In Ragnarok Origin

Complete the Prerequisite quest to unlock the pet system. You obtain it after reaching a certain level. And it is a simple mission that will not take more than 5 minutes. After you have finished the quest, go to the Pet shop to unlock the pet system. Now you will be able to see the pet button. Use it to see all the pets you can purchase from the shop.

There are several ways of obtaining a pet in the game. One of which is a shop, if you have the required amount of resources, buy them from here. And if you don’t, then keep reading for other methods.

The Pet Encyclopedia of the shop has various kinds of pets. They can be summoned, captured, and purchased. You can use the “to get” button to know the requirements. If it is a pet available for capture, the details will show the location which has them. Travel to that place and carry carrots with you. Look for the mentioned pet. When you are near it, you will see the web symbol button. Tap on it to capture the pet. After capturing the pet, you receive their eggs. Go to inventory and press use to hatch them.

The last method is pet summoning, which global server players can use. You can use Pet Summon tickets and Redeem in the Point Store to summon a pet. There are three kinds of summons; Normal Pet Summoning, Legendary Pet Summoning, and Limited Time Summoning.

This is all you need to know on how to get Pet in Ragnarok Origin. If you found this guide informative, read our other same-game articles, like how to get to Labyrinth Forest, and how to summon Homunculus.