Ragnarok Origin: How To Summon Homunculus

Here is how to summon and get Homunculus in Ragnarok Origin.

Homunculus are Alchemist-exclusive pets that can support you in battle. And have different stats, levels, and evolution catalogs. If you are wondering how to get or summon Homunculus in Ragnarok Origin. Read this guide till the end and learn all you need to know about summoning or getting these pets.

How to summon Homunculus in Ragnarok Origin

Call Homunculus In Ragnarok Origin

Use the Call Homunculus button that looks like the above picture to summon a Homunculus in Ragnarok Origin.

Cole Homunculus is a Skill from the Alchemist skill tree that players need to unlock. And then complete research in Bioethics, the branch of Cole Homunculus skill, to get these pets. You can tap on the Cole Homunculus skills and expand it to find the Homunculus screen link. There are five types of Homunculus that Alchemists can use; Leaf, Amistre, Miya, Pilir, and Vanilmirs. All have slightly different requirements for leveling up, evolution, and unlocking.

Farmercy, Bioethics, and Resurrection are three skills from the Alchemist skill tree that will help you in the long run for unlocking, leveling, and evolving your Homunculus pets. But first, you need to complete Farmercy level 5. It allows you to create potions that resurrect your pets. Because you cannot summon dead pets, and that wastes a lot of time. You can buy the required potions from shops too. But they will charge you a hefty amount of coins.

Merchant class above level 40 are eligible to request a job change of Alchemist. And this can be your 2nd job. There are two options you get after reaching level 40 of Merchant. That is Blacksmith and Alchemist. Both are brilliant choices. But since you are aiming to create potions, own Homunculus, and invent, the job of Alchemist is better suited.

That is all you need to know on how to summon Homunculus in Ragnarok Origin. If you are wondering which class is best and which is least favorable. Check out this Ragnarok Origin tier list to get answers to your question.