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Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List (January 2023) : All Classes Ranked

This is the complete Class Tier List for Ragnarok Origin.

Looking for a Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List? We have just the list for you. Mentioned below are the rankings of all the classes in the game, ranked from best to worst in the game. Do remember that these rankings are based on our understanding of the game and its mechanics. So, do keep that in mind when going through the list. Now, scroll down and find out the Tier List rankings of all the classes in the game.

Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List – January 2023

Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List: All Classes Ranked

  • If you want to look for any character, simply click Ctrl+F on your desktop. For mobile phones, click on the three dots on the top right of your phone browser.
  • After this, enter the name of the character you want and look for them in the tier list given below.
  • Use the arrows on the pop-up box that comes. This will automatically move the screen over to the character you are looking for.
  • This will show you the Class Tier List Rankings for Ragnarok Origin.
Swordsman S – TIER Swordsman is one of the best offensive and defensive characters. The all-around ability makes it a useful character.
Mage S – TIER Mage is useful in studying the various characteristics of monsters. This helps out the other members of the team.
High Priest A – TIER High Priest is a good defensive character to have on your team. In fact, it might be the best defensive character in the entire game.
Archer A – TIER Archer is a good offensive character. However, it is only useful in ranged combat matches.
Merchant A – TIER Merchant has various types of buying and selling skills. Helps with the inventory and can carry a good amount of stuff.
Thief A – TIER Thief isn’t that strong. However, it is a character that works well with the sneaky type of gameplay.
Acolyte B – TIER Acolyte helps in healing teammates. No other purpose than this feature.

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