Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide And Roadmap (2022)

Here's a guide to help you grab all 47 Persona 5 Strikers trophy.

This game is nothing but a sequel to Persona 5 with a twist. Unlike conventional turned RPG, the game takes a radically different approach to its gameplay. It’s a perfect blend of Persona and Musou featuring large forces of enemies at the very same time insisting that you stop utilizing your person to attack them.

Since you prefer to read this article you must be familiar with the game’s narrative arc so without further ado let’s head straight to the Persona 5 Strikers trophy guide and described below.

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy

Before starting with the guide on Persona 5 Strikers trophy let’s go through its roadmap.

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Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Roadmap 2022

  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Approximate time to platinum: 40-50 Hours
  • Offline Trophies: 47 (1, 3, 6, 37)
  • Total missable trophies: 2 (What are Friends For? + Master Chef)
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Minimum Playthroughs: 1
  • Free-Roam / Level Select after Story?: Partially – All the Jails but NOT the cities!
  • Release Date: February 2020 in Japanese, July 2020 in Korean and Traditional Chinese, February 19, 2021, for the rest of the regions.

Finally, we will get started with the guide on Persona 5 Strikers trophy.

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide

To grab all the trophies you must complete the following steps first.

Step 1: Play through the game while doing all the side quests as well as grinding points.

Step 2: Endgame, unlock New Game Plus & Persona Compendium as well.

Step 3: Get started with New Game Plus.

Once you are done with the above 3 steps, see the table below to learn how to collect each trophy.

Persona 5 Strikers Trophy List

Trophy Name How to Obtain Note
1. Platinum True Phantom Thief Earn all trophies DSL not required bronze
2. Bronze Cage of Lust Closed Clear Shibuya Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
3. Bronze Cage of Vanity Conquered Clear Sendai Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
4. Bronze Cage of Gluttony Torched Clear Sapporo Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
5. Bronze Cage of Desolation Condemned Clear Okinawa Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
6. Bronze Cage of Wrath Collapsed Clear Kyoto Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
7. Bronze Cage of Arrogance Cracked Clear Osaka Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
8. Bronze Humanity’s Companion Clear Abyss Jail Unmissable story-related trophy
9. Silver Walk Your Own Path Clear Tree of Life and Wisdom Unmissable story-related trophy
10. Bronze Back in Business Reform the Phantom Thieves Unmissable story-related trophy
11. Bronze Farewell to the Past Awaken Wolf‘s Persona Unmissable story-related trophy
12. Bronze A Newfound Heart Awaken Sophia‘s heart Unmissable story-related trophy
13. Bronze It’s Showtime! Activate Showtime  –
14. Bronze Seeker of Power Use Incense  –
14. Bronze Unshakeable Teamwork Perform a total of 150 All Out Attacks  –
16. Bronze Know Your Enemy Use Skills that inflict “Weak” 300 times  –
17. Bronze Phantom Striker Defeat 200 enemies using Phantom Dash  –
18. Bronze All That Glitters Defeat 10 Treasure Demons  –
19. Silver Death Defied Defeat the Reaper  –
20. Bronze Mask Connoisseur Attain 100% Persona Compendium registration rate (Velvet Room)  –
21. Bronze Best Friend Reach max level with one Bond skill  –
22. Gold Eternal Bonds Reach max level with all Bond skills  –
23. Bronze Eye For Talent Use Persona Points to enhance Persona parameters  –
24. Bronze Knife in the Dark Perform an ambush 50 times  –
25. Silver Best of the Best Reach at least level 70 with all Phantom Thieves members  –
26. Bronze What Are Friends For? Clear all special requests of Phantom Thieves members Missable Trophy
27. Bronze Who Dares Wins Defeated a Dire Shadow  –
28. Silver The Most Daring of All Defeat all Dire Shadows  –
29. Bronze Ultimate Trump Card Unlock all Joker Master Arts  –
30. Bronze Jolly Roger Unlock all Skull Master Arts  –
31. Bronze Gentleman Thief Unlock all Mona Master Arts  –
32. Bronze Flame Dancer Unlock all Panther Master Arts  –
33. Bronze Peerless Blade Unlock all Fox Master Arts  –
34. Bronze Fist of Justice Unlock all Queen Master Arts  –
35. Bronze Sophisticated Lady Unlock all Noir Master Arts  –
36. Bronze Technological Marvel Unlock all Sophie Master Arts  –
37. Bronze Repentant Fang Unlock all Wolf Master Arts  –
38. Gold Master Thieves Unlock all Master Arts  –
39. Bronze A Helping Hand Clear a Request  –
40. Silver Those Who Heed the Call Clear 50 Requests  –
41. Bronze Item Sweeper Find 200 items in the Jail  –
42. Bronze Short Order Cook Cook for the first time. Do not miss
43. Bronze Master Chef Cook 12 Kinds of Dishes Missable Trophy
44. Bronze Impulse Buyer Purchase a limited item  –
45. Bronze A Little Memento Get a Camper Van Interior Design  –
46. Bronze Treasure Hunter Open treasure chest 50 times  –
47. Gold No Looking Back Start an NG+ on Merciless difficulty  –

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Instructions For Each Persona 5 Strikers Trophy

Sr. No Trophy Instructions
1 True Phantom Thief Win all of the other trophies in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers to access Platinum
2 Cage of Lust Closed  –
3 Cage of Vanity Conquered  –
4 Cage of Gluttony Torched  –
5 Cage of Desolation Condemned  –
6 Cage of Wrath Collapsed  –
7 Cage of Arrogance Cracked  –
8 Humanity’s Companion  –
9 Walk Your Own Path  –
10 Back in Business  –
11 Farewell to the Past  –
12 A Newfound Heart  –
13 It’s Showtime! The first trophy that you will unlock in the game. Once it appears on the screen  :circle: + :triangle:to activate powerful showtime
14 Seeker of Power Receive Incense as a reward for certain requests and use in your item list to strengthen your character’s SP/HP or your personas
15 Unshakeable Teamwork Let your enemy hit weakness and enter dizzy mode, then press :circle: to trigger an All-Out Attack. Perform it 150 times, hitting multiple enemies with an attack only counts as one.
16 Know Your Enemy Don’t just hit the same boss over and over again with his weakness. Make sure to go for weaknesses as much as possible.
17 Phantom Striker Activate Phantom dashes moves with a triangle: while interacting with objects like lamps, skateboards, chandeliers, etc. Kill 200 enemies with those assaults.
18 All That Glitters You get 30 seconds to defeat the treasure demons that appear as red jewels in jail.
19 Death Defied Defeat the reaper to unlock the New Game+ in this game. To fight the reaper:
1. Finish the main story
2. Defeat all the story bosses in a rematch through the requests
3. Defeat all the sub-bosses you will get a request for
4. Defeat all the bosses in a second rematch
5.  Fight the Reaper in the Okinawa Jail
20 Mask Connoisseur  –
21 Best Friend See next trophy.
22 Eternal Bonds This will be one of the last trophies on your way to platinum. Collect as many bond points as you can to level up the skills.
23 Eye For Talent Use Persona Points to level up your Personas in a Valvet room. Later, in the game, you will unlock the ability to level each persona parameter individually. This is what the Eye For Talent trophy demands.
24 Knife in the Dark While traversing through Jails, hide behind your enemy and press :triangle: for a sneak attack. Perform 50 times for the trophy.
25 Best of the Best Repeating the strong enemy request in Sendai Jail (Fighting Seth) gives you 10,000 XP. Repeat this endlessly and you have to get ALL team members to level 70 for this.
26 What Are Friends For? Talk with your friends daily and finish their requests quickly. They will sometimes require other requests to progress.
27 Who Dares Wins Dire Shadows are enemies encircled by lightning that can be found in every palace. They’re very strong so don’t bother with them on your first trip to the prison. Return back for them once you have a high level (even after the final boss). Once you attack your first one, you will win the trophy.
28 The Most Daring of All There are 8 Dire Shadows to attack as the game has 8 Jails (1 per jail). Don’t end up beating them right away and come back for them at the end of the game. They’re often near to one of the jail checkpoints so they’re not tough to locate.
29 Ultimate Trump Card See “Skilled Thieves” below.
30 Jolly Roger See “Skilled Thieves” below.
31 Gentleman Thief See “Skilled Thieves” below.
32 Flame Dancer See “Skilled Thieves” below.
33 Peerless Blade See “Skilled Thieves” below.
34 Fist of Justice See “Skilled Thieves” below.
35 Sophisticated Lady See “Skilled Thieves” below.
36 Technological Marvel See “Skilled Thieves” below.
37 Repentant Fang See “Skilled Thieves” below.
38 Master Thieves Each character can unlock 4 skills/combos by filling up 4 progress bars. After filling all 4 bars with each character you will get the trophy.
39 A Helping Hand You will get 1st request during jail
40 Those Who Heed the Call  –
41 Item Sweeper Collect all the floating cubes inside the jail.
42 Short Order Cook Your first dish will be cooked automatically
43 Master Chef Visit every shop in each city to buy things for 12 dish recipes.

Leblanc Coffee – Story event
Leblanc Curry – Story event
Gyutan Stew – Gyutan Restaraunt in Sendai Station area of Sendai – buy it for 1620 Yen
Salmon Bowl- Outdoor Café “Café Blue” in Mt. Aoba Park area of Sendai – buy it for 900 Yen
Miso Ramen – Sapporo – Sapporo No 1 Ramen – buy it for 850 Yen
Seafood Bowl – Sapporo – Seafood Bowl Shop – buy it for 1000 Yen
Jingisukan – Sapporo – Talk to ann on 8/11
Kyoto Curry- During story progression, first Kyoto visit
Goat Soup – Okinawa – buy it in Bento Store for 1300 Yen
Okinawa Soba – Okinawa – Haisai HAOMA Café on the beach – buy it for 800 Yen
Goya Chanpuru – Okinawa – Speak to Futaba after completing the Jail
Kushikatsu – Osaka – Talk to Yusuke on 8/24
Okonomiyaki – Osaka – buy it from Lucky Lucky for 1100 Yen
Osaka Sushi – Osaka – buy it from Nanaya Sushi & Staples for 3500 Yen
Crab Hot Pot – Osaka – buy it from Crab Empire for 6600 Yen
Obanzai – Osaka – Obtained through “Obanzai Ingredients” Request from Haru
Churrasco – Reward for “Employee Course Correction” Request
Master Curry – Complete the Tree of Knowledge stealth request
Master Coffee – Complete the Tree of Knowledge Mona cube Request

44 Impulse Buyer Sophia will be your shop and access her shop in your RV. Buy any item on sale for the trophy.
45 A Little Memento Clear your friend’s request and talk with them daily to receive a gift. This will gift you a trophy.
46 Treasure Hunter Find the lootable treasure chests in the game. In later Jails chests asks you to get the lockpicking BAND Skill to open them. Chests reappear on revisiting Jails, so you can get almost 50 of them.
47 No Looking Back Defeat the reaper and save the game. While reloading the game, you’ll be asked if you’d like to begin a new game + run. Click Yes and choose the Merciless Difficulty to win the trophy, unlock it as fast as the NG+ starts running. Now quit the game and reload your save again and play with easier difficulty instead of cleanup in NG+

That’s the exhaustive guide on Persona 5 Strikers trophy. Hope you grab them all!