Persona 5 Crossword Puzzle Guide: Date, Time & PS5 Crossword Puzzle Answers

Here's everything you need to know about Persona 5 Crossworld Puzzles.

Are you looking for Persona 5 Crossword Puzzles answers? If your answer is ‘YES’ then you have come to the right destination. Out Persona 5 Crossword guide will certainly help players in accessing the min-game on the particular date and finding the answers to puzzles.

Apart from the main game, Persona 5 does have a lot of contents including Crossword puzzles. These Persona 5 Crossword puzzles are a mini-game that players can only attempt on particular dates to gain Knowledge points.

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Persona 5 Crossword Puzzles

For the uninitiated, Persona 5 Crossword Puzzles appears in Cafe’ LeBlanc a few times in a month. In order to solve PS5 Crossword Puzzles, players will have to visit the said location on specific dates.

Whenever you go to Cafe’ LeBlanc, you will have to solve one puzzle. Once you solved a puzzle successfully, you will be given 2 Knowledge points as a reward. Here’s a complete list of dates on which PS5 Crossword Puzzles appear and their right answers.

Date Day
4/18 Monday
4/27 Wednesday
5/2 Monday
5/10 Tuesday
5/18 Wednesday
5/26 Thursday
5/31 Tuesday
6/3 Friday
6/7 Tuesday
6/16 Thursday
6/22 Wednesday
6/30 Thursday
7/7 Thursday
7/12 Tuesday
7/19 Tuesday
7/27 Wednesday
8/8 Monday
8/17 Wednesday
8/25 Thursday
8/30 Tuesday
9/2 Friday
9/19 Wednesday
9/28 Monday
10/10 Monday
10/31 Friday
11/4 Wednesday
11/9 Tuesday
11/15 Thursday
11/24 Monday
11/28 Friday
12/2 Friday
12/7 Friday
12/12 Monday
12/19 Monday


As we have already mentioned above, whenever you pay a visit to Cafe LeBlanc, you will be presented a crossword question, which you will have to answer correctly. Notably, there are 21 questions in Persona 5 Crossword Puzzles.

Persona 5 Crossword Puzzles Answers

Here’s a complete of all PS5 Crossword Puzzles Answers:

Question Answer
Q1 Mountain
Q2 Drip
Q3 Espresso
Q4 Americano
Q5 Roasting
Q6 Caffeine
Q7 Cappuccino
Q8 Colombian
Q9 Vienna
Q10 Sandwich
Q11 Faculty
Q12 Cafeteria
Q13 Trip
Q14 Festival
Q15 Calling
Q16 Disguise
Q17 Thief
Q18 Masquerade
Q19 Leanan
Q20 Odin
Q21 Ganesha


If you managed to answer all 21 questions correctly, your character knowlegde will significantly rise. Vising the Cafe at the night is highly recommended because that is the time when the Puzzles actually appears.