Persona 5 Royal Guide: All Crossword Puzzle Answers (December 2021)

Here's everything you need to know about Persona 5 Royal.

Are you looking for crossword answers in Persona 5 Royal? If ‘YES’ then look no further as we have got you covered. Before we share the list of Persona 5 Royal Crossword answers, let me tell you that puzzles appear on specific days on the table in LeBlanc.

If you managed to answer all Crossword puzzles correctly, your knowledge stat will be increased significantly. It should be noted that Crossword answers are slightly different than the PS5 Royal classroom answers.

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In this guide, we will provide you with the answers for Persona 5 Royal’s Cross Puzzles:

Persona 5 Royal Crossword Answers – Full List

Crossword 1

Q1: How school years are divided

Answer: Semesters

Crossword 2

Q2: Cherry (?) viewing

Answer: Blossom

Crossword 3

Q3: Time for a trip (?) Week

Answer: Golden

Crossword 4

Q4: What are the May Blues?

Answer: Malaise

Crossword 5

Q5: Where art is shown off and sold

Answer: Gallery

Crossword 6

Q6: A type of outdoor allergy

Answer: Pollenosis

Crossword 7

Q7: Nihonga: (?) Cultural artwork

Answer: Japanese

Crossword 8

Q8: Label for an unparalleled artist

Answer: Master

Crossword 9

Q9: Held to inform the public

Answer: Conference

Crossword 10

Q10: Changes with the season

Answer: Wardrobe

Crossword 11

Q11: Exchanged all over the world

Answer: Currency

Crossword 12

Q12: A border between air masses

Answer: Front

Crossword 13

Q13: Medicine of varying legality

Answer: Narcotics

Crossword 14

Q14: Many student’s greatest love

Answer: Vacation

Crossword 15

Q15: These gauge student knowledge

Answer: Finals

Crossword 16

Q16: A seasonal skybound event

Answer: Fireworks

Crossword 17

Q17: A stationary hotspot: heat (?)

Answer: Island

Crossword 18

Q18: Necessary for dares

Answer: Courage

Crossword 19

Q19: A common skin injury

Answer: Sunburn

Crossword 20

Q20: When it’s too hot to sleep

Answer: Sweltering

Crossword 21

Q21: Techy term for e-infiltration

Answer: Hacking

Crossword 22

Q22: Localized destructive storm

Answer: Typhoon

Crossword 23

Q23: Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?)

Answer: Festival

Crossword 24

Q24: Establishing order and worth

Answer: Ranking

Crossword 25

Q25: Absorbs most light

Answer: Black

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