Palia: How To Complete ‘Old Coins’ Quest

Check out this guide to complete the 'Old Coins' quest easily in Palia.

The Old Coins quest in Palia is a quest that requires you to find three old coins. Finding these coins may not be as easy as it seems. It is also known as one of the missions that does not have a proper navigation in the game. Players have found these coins in different ways. Each of these coins will unlock a reward like no other. Here is our guide that will help you find it in the easiest and right manner.

How to Complete the ‘Old Coins’ Quest in Palia

old coins quest palia

First Coin

To find the three coins in the Old Coins Quest in Palia, you have to go to the Flooded Fortress on the Bahari Bay map. Then you have to reach to the Phoenix Statue which is at the upper level. You will find a vase behind the statue next to an opening. Once you obtain the vase you will unlock the quest and get the first coin. However, you still have two more coins to go.

Second Coin

To get the second Old Coin you have to go the left side towards the northern side of Flooded Fortress. Then the second coin will be found in a vase again. That will be on the cliff near the sewer gate. It will be near a path just ahead of it.

Third Coin

The third and final coin can be found in front of the Flooded Fortress crossing the pond. You require a glider to get there. There is a third vase that is covered by the broken vine column. Furthermore, once you collect all the coins it is time to return to the Phoenix Statue and get your rewards.

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