Palia: How To Complete ‘Fishing For Answers’ Quest

Are you Fishing For Answers? So here is how you can complete the quest in Palia easily, with the help of our guide on it.

Fishing For Answers is a quest in Palia, that players have to complete in order to proceed to the next quests. It takes place in Bahari Bay which is the second map in the game. It may require a little bit of grinding, but with the help of our step-by-step guide, you can easily complete it. You are also rewarded at the end of it with Heartdrop Lily, Lighthouse Keeper’s Ring, 10 Renown, and a Box of Chocolates, so without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

How to Complete ‘Fishing For Answers’ Quest in Palia

Step 1 – Visit the Old Lighthouse

fishing for answers quest in palia

To start and complete the Fishing For Answers quest in Palia, you have to go to the Bahari Bay map and visit the Old Lighthouse. The mission is all about retrieving the Lighthouse Kepper’s Letters by fishing. When you enter the Lighthouse, you will find a table with a book kept on it. Read the book and with that, your quest will start. Check your quest journal, to see the Fishing For Answers quest entered in it.

Step 2 – Fish for the Letters

old lighthouse keeper in palia

Now you have to fish and find all the three missing letters of the Lighthouse Keeper. For that, go to the backside area of the Lighthouse and find the bridge. Then climb on the rock there. Try to fish without a bait to get the first letter. You will have to reel in at least five to six times to get hold of all three letters. You will also find a letter in the pile of dirt across the lighthouse.

Once you read the letters, your quest will be complete and you will gain your rewards. The Lighthouse Keeper went missing after he stood on the docks and left his letters in the air. These letters were mostly written to his friend or lover. Reading the letters will also help you find answers to it.

In this way, we hope we helped you with Fishing For Answers in this quest. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to make money in Palia.