Goddess Of Victory Nikke: How To Get Noir

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a way to get Noir in Goddess of Victory Nikke.

Noir is the elder sister of Light Bunny Blanc in Goddess Of Victory Nikke. She is from the 777 SSR affiliation and runs the Arks casino resort. She is also the elder sister of Blanc. Her weapon is a shotgun and she is of Skill Burst 3. Let’s look at how we can get Noir’s character.

How to Get Noir in Goddess Of Victory Nikke

get noir in nikke goddess of victory

To get Noir’s character in the game, you have to recruit her when the game releases her. Noir was already released on the 25th of May 2023. There is no particular way to get Noir. You can get her character through the random Gacha system of the game. She can also appear in cut scenes, which means you have reached the point where there are chances of receiving Noir. Usually, players who get Noir also get her sister Blanc soon after, and vice versa.

For many players, Noir has popped up randomly. While some players had to everyday log into the game and complete daily missions in order to increase their chances of getting Noir. She first appears in the Coin Rush event. Overall, Noir’s journey in the game is mostly related to discovering love. As she is not really a very important top-tier character, getting Noir is not a necessity.

Noir also has the Black Castor weapon which is a shotgun-type weapon. Noir’s sister Blanc also works at the Ark’s casino. Both sisters offer luck boosters to people and perform pole dancing along with serving the people there. Noir and Blanc are inseparable and are always backing up each other. Noir also is looking after her younger sister and her sister is her top priority.

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