How To Get Nihilister In Nikke Goddess Of Victory

Now get Nihilister a member of the Heretics in Nikke Goddess of Victory with the help of this guide.

Nihilster is from the Heretics affiliation in Goddess of Victory Nikke and this guide will help you get her. She calls on the hordes to defeat the Nikkes and is first introduced in chapter 7. If you want to get your hands on this vicious antagonist, then you must read further.

How to Unlock Nihilister in Goddess of Victory Nikke

nihilster goddess of victory nikke

Get Nihilister by unlocking the Liberation mode. The Liberation mode is a game mechanic and a game event that helps players get special or top-tier Nikkes. It can be accessed through the Elevator at the Outpost. You will have to complete five to twenty campaigns to unlock it.

To unlock Nihilister, players have to complete at least twenty to thirty-one campaign stages in Liberation mode. Along with that, they also have to make sure that at least one Nikke has completed her rehabilitation process.

You can most certainly unlock Nihilister from there, who is also a playable pilgrim Nikke. Understand that, Nihilisteris not a character that you can just unlock like the game’s gacha system. She has to be gained through the Liberation mode only as she is kind of an antagonist in the game.

Unlocking Nihilister will create havoc for the Nikkes, but she is also an essential part of the storyline. She serves the Rapture Queen along with other Heretics like her. Her background has a volcanic explosion, unlike other Nikkes.

Nihilister is in many battles following Chapters 7 and 19. She does not seem to give up, which makes her one of the most deadly antagonists against the Nikkes. Besides that, she is also a Pilgrim Burst 2 in the game.

That was all on how to get Nihilister in Goddess of Victory Nikke. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to reset characters in the game.