Goddess Of Victory Nikke: How To Reset Characters

Here are simple steps to reset your characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke.

Goddess Of Victory Nikke is one of the most intriguing games with a range of interesting characters. It is even better as players get a chance to reset characters in Goddess Of Victory. But be very certain that you want to reset your hard-earned characters all over again. Once you are certain, follow the steps given below.

How to Reset Characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke

goddess of victory nikke

Below are a few points to reset your characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke and points to remember.

  • First of all, you will have to complete the in-game tutorial after you log in.
  • Secondly, use 10X free summons, that will help you receive SSR Nikke. This can be done after the tutorial is complete.
  • After you finish the process of claiming all the rewards you will receive top tier characters.
  • If you have received the characters of your choice, then you can proceed with your game.
  • However, if you are still not satisfied with the characters then you will have to quit this game and start a new game all over again.
  • You can keep resetting your game as many times as you want.
  • Remember that you will lose all progress once this is done.
  • You can always continue playing and gain characters of your choice as you proceed.

The game gacha system helps you reset your characters whenever you want through this method. You have to keep on resetting your game a couple of times to get good characters. It is suggested to just proceed with the game and get top-tier characters as you level up. There have been very less chances of players getting good characters after resetting.

That’s a wrap on how to reset characters in Goddess Of Victory Nikke. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to get stronger in Goddess of Victory Nikke.