Nikke Goddess Of Victory: How To Get Modernia

If you want to get Modernia in Nikke Goddess of Victory, then this guide is for you.

Before planning to get Modernia in Goddess of Victory Nikke, you must know a little about her. She is again another Nikke from the Pilgrim and a Heretic. Modernia also lost her memory as she was in the clutches of the Raptures. Marian is her past incarnation and she does not seem to remember her past. Players have been waiting to get her and here is how you can.

How to Get Modernia in Nikke Goddess Of Victory

modernia goddess of victory nikke

  1. To get the SSR Nikke Modernia in Goddess of Victory, you have to go to the Mileage Shop.
  2. Then you have to exchange 200 Gold Mileage Tickets for Modernia.
  3. Check out the SSR rate, which must be 4% for the banner and 1% for the chance of getting her.
  4. Once her banner is displayed you will receive Modernia.
  5. The game will add her to the pool of Ordinary Recruits and Mold Items.
  6. To get Modernia’s skins and more you have to progress along with the game and pass missions.

The players have been waiting for Modernia to be added to the Ordinary recruit. As earlier she was just seen for a few chapters and then her character was taken down. Modernia is also in the SSR category and has Burst Skill three. She uses a New Age machine gun as her weapon which is called the New Dawn.

She is another pilgrim from the attacker’s category. The majority of the in-game chapters are related to her birth secret and her origin. She can be considered a traitor by some Nikkes as she was taken by the Rapture Queen.

This was all on how to get Modernia and a few points about her origin. If you found this article helpful, then you can also check out this guide on how to get Nihilister or how to reset characters in Goddess of Victory Nikke.