No Man’s Sky: How To Find A Portal?

Want to Find a Portal in No Man's Sky? Check out this guide.

When you’re traveling in space, going through portals can seem quite usual. But unlike the possibility of stumbling onto one, in No Man’s Sky, you have to find a Portal. Portals are basically accessible checkpoints that help you reach the desired planet in a jiffy. Apart from planets, you can also travel to different systems and locations in a galaxy.

Each planet in a system has a portal. You have to first activate the portal in order to use it and travel across. In this guide, we have covered all you need to know about how to find portals in NMS.

Where to Find a Portal in No Man’s Sky?

Portal in No Man's Sky

If it’s any consolation, all the portals look identical on all planets. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about identifying one. One of the ways to Find a Portal in No Man’s Sky is via Monoliths. Monoliths are the key to finding portals on a planet because they can give out the locations of the portals. Now, you can locate a Monolith with the help of a Planetary Chart or using an Exocraft scanner.

In order to get the Planetary Chart, you need Navigational Data. You can acquire it from the Cubes that are scattered through the space station. Once you have got the Navigational Data, you can trade it with the Cartographer NPC in the game in exchange for Planetary Charts.

Also, you can learn how to get an Exocraft. Once you’ve located the Monolith, interact with it twice. While interacting with a Monolith, you will be greeted with a certain mission. Once you have completed the mission, you have to interact with the Monolith again to get the location of the Portal on a planet.

Once you have located the portal, you have to navigate to the address of the portal. Now, before you can travel through the portal, you have to first activate it. In order to activate the portal, you have to charge it. Upon charging the portal, you will see three options on the screen, stating

  • Activate Portal
  • Request this Planet’s Address
  • Leave

Click on Activate Portal and you will be able to use it to travel to another active portal on different planets. In order to do that, you have to enter the Portal Address of the one you’re heading to. This address is comprised of Glyphs arranged in a certain order. And that sequence differs from planet to planet because each portal has a unique address. You have to enter the proper address or else the portal won’t function. In case you want to know the address of the planet you’re on, click on Request This Planet’s Address.

This is how you can Find a Portal in No Man’s Sky. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through some similar guides such as Best Multi Tool Weapons in No Man’s Sky and how to get an Anomaly Detector.