No Man’s Sky: Best Multi Tool Weapons 2022

Here are the deadliest and most efficient weapons in the game.

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game where players get to explore galaxies and uncover the secrets of the universe. Players will need to fight their way through to survive on each planet. This guide will  list out the best multi tool weapons that players can use in No Man’s Sky.

The Best Multi Tool Weapons In No Man’s Sky

While all weapons will eventually take out an opponent, these multi tool weapons do  the job quickly and efficiently in No Man’s Sky. We have put together a combination of weapons for this list. Some options are great as the primary weapons while others on this list make for lethal secondary weapons. Let us find out more in the list below.

Scatter Blaster


Scatter Blaster is quite possibly one of the most effective multi tool weapons in No Man’s Sky. It is an efficient shotgun that can deal with Sentinels as well as other opponents easily.

However, players will only get the best out of this weapon at close range.  It is not a great weapon for long range combat. Players that tend to avoid head-on confrontations might not get the optimal use out of this weapon. It shoots eight rounds in each blast and is ideal for dealing with multiple enemies.

Blaze Javelin


Unlike the Scatter Blaster, the Blaze Javelin is essentially a sniper rifle. It compliments players that prefer a more covert gameplay. Players can get to a high ground and pick enemies of from a distance with this weapon. Any approaching enemy can be quickly shot down with this handy weapon.

It pairs up well with the Scatter Blaster as it is a long range weapon.

Plasma Launcher

Plasma Launcher

If blasting the way through problems sounds appealing to players, this is one of the best multi tool weapons for them in No Man’s Sky. This weapon can shoot out multiple grenades quickly. It is a useful secondary weapon to get through armored doors or Resource Depots.

Players will need to get some experience using this weapon before they can get the most out of it. It can be a little tricky to aim accurately and can be a bit bulky. In addition, players will need to reload a lot while using this weapon. Players should also make sure that they are out of the blast radius once the times ends.

Paralysis Mortar


This stun gun is a pretty useful secondary weapon. As the name suggests, it paralyzes opponents for a short duration. Players can also mod this weapon to deal damage. This weapon is ideal for taking down large number of opponents with  the stun and then finishing  them off with a primary weapon.

Neutron Cannon


The Neutron Cannon comes with two firing modes. In the heat of the battle, players can quickly take down opponents with its shotgun blaster.

However, that is not all the Neutron Cannon does. If players are looking for an extra punch of power, they can hold the trigger to charge the shot before letting it go. This will deal insane amounts of area damage to the opponents. It is a great weapon for dispelling big groups of opponents.

While this might sound great, players will have to pair it up with a quick fire weapon if they want to use the charge up. Since it takes a little bit for the shot to charge, players might want to use the Paralysis Mortar to stun opponents momentarily.

These are all the best multi tool weapons in No Man’s Sky. For more gaming guides, check out No Man’s Sky Pets – New Pokemon Layer Introduced In Space.