Gravitino Ball In NMS – How To Acquire & Farm

No Man’s Sky’s Gravitino ball is an incredibly rare and precious resource be it in terms of usefulness or monetary.

No Man’s Sky action-adventure, a product of Hello Games is open space exploration game setting players in thrill ventures to discover wild animals, creatures, plants, resources & much other freaky shit. Even though it’s jam-packed with fascinating elements its latest upgrade come bearing multiple resources, new features, & interactive mechanism enabling a player to experience altogether revolutionary visual overhaul.

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Amongst the extensive varieties of resources to be gathered some are just more valuables than the other in regards to usefulness and monetary aspects. Hence, with the influx of new content in the game, you must avert your time and efforts on those prized possessions. Today we will talk about No Man’s Sky’s one such element coveted by many players called Gravitino ball.

This article intends to revolve around this treasured item hence without further delay let’s began.

What Is Gravitino Ball In NMS?

This strongly prized item is one of the trade commodities and when you step pretty close to one it shines brighter. When picked up in wild you earn a three-star wanted level. These are very difficult to detect and look like a ball. You will find them in any size small, medium and large.

It can be exposed with Analysis Visor and will be represented with the icon. In terms of usefulness, they are one of the essential ingredients while crafting things, refining, and cooking. And in monetary respect, you can sell them for a good chunk of money.

The in-game description of Gravitino Ball reads,

“Supersymmetric particle cluster.
Extremely rare and valuable.
A product of divergent super-gravitational forces.”

How To Get Gravitino Ball IN NMS?

As stated above getting them is pretty tough however good things don’t come easy. You must consider gathering them while on your voyage and be mindful when picking them up. Because it will send all the sentinels in your region into a frenzy and starts attacking you.

Here’s how you obtain them in the game.

  • Completing Expeditions awards you with Gravitino Balls.
  • Deconstruct wrecked ships and get them added to your inventory.
  • Discover Buried Chests and unlock them using an ancient key. This will get you this desired element.
  • Take the help of Analysis Visor to find them scattered on the surface of certain planets.

How To Farm Get Gravitino Ball IN NMS?

High-risk planets yield high rewards, this includes Gravitino Balls. We’ll help you speed up the process and increase the success rate.

Here’s how to smartly avoid risk and farm Gravitino Balls in No Man’s Sky:

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Build a fleet of Frigates – when you possess several Frigates send them all on adventures. This will help you significantly raise the expeditions count and as a result, bumps up the likelihood of earning Gravitino Balls as a prize.

Search Doomed Planets – as the name describes the doomed planets are high-risk planets but there is a high probability of them having a substantial proportion of Balls. IF you have the requisite resources and would like to play the odds then move to the Red Star System, where you can find ample Doomed Planets.

This guide concludes here. I hope this Gravitino Ball In NMS reference proves to be useful for you.