Nier Reincarnation: How To Multi-Instance Using Bluestacks

Multi-instance enables you to play Nier Reincarnation on multiple windows with multiple id's. Here's how to use the Multi-instance in game.

Nier Reincanrtaion is the latest gacha game based in the world of Nier. Many players reroll multiple times in gacha games. While there is a way to reroll normally if you are using Bluestacks there might be more ways for you to reroll.

Multi-instance will also enable you to play the different levels of the same game with the same id simultaneously. Let’s see how you can reroll or multi-instance in Nier Reincarnation.

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How To Reroll or Multi-Instance In Nier Reincarnation

Follow the below-mentioned steps to use multi-instance in Nier Reincarnation

  • Launch Blustacks and run Nier reincarnation on it.
  • On the right menu, you can find the “multi-instance manager” and it will open a tab with all the screens you have open.
  • Checkmark the instance you are using and stop it. Click on the copy logo and it will enable you to clone the instance you are using.
  • You can make multiple clones of the instance you are using. After making clones of instances you can start multiple of them at once.

This was the complete guide on how you can use multi-instance and make clones of Nier reincarnation. Using multi-instance will enable players to have multiple windows of Nier Reincarnation. Players can also play different levels of the same game at the same time.

Reroll will only allow you to restart the game but using multi-instance can help you have multiple windows of the same game with the same id. Using multi-instance will also enable you to start the game with different starter summons which is the best way to try all the unique abilities of the players.

The multi-instance feature is only available for BlueStacks users and players who will be playing the game on their phone won’t be able to use multi-instance.

That’s all for this one, do check out our Nier Reincarnation Tier list to get the best characters.