Nier Reincarnation Weapon Tier List And Reroll Guide (April 2023)

Here is the most accurate tier list and Reroll guide to master in the global rollout of Nier Reincarnation.

Developed by Appilbot, Nier Reincarnation was released on February 18, 2021. The game features a crapload of material to discover and seems to be promising so far. The game is a sequel to Nier Automata and takes place in the world of Nier.

Since the game is brand new and contains rich content, it is normal for anyone to be stuck with the wrong character or to be unsure of who would perform better. To make your experience smoother, I’ve compiled the most appropriate Nier Reincarnation tier list you’ll be grateful for.

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Nier Reincarnation Weapon Tier List – April 2023

This tier list is technically composed of characters ranked in descending order based on their powerful default weapon as well as their performance. When rerolling, try to get top-tier (Tier S & Tier A) characters. In addition, if you want to earn special first event rewards, consider getting all of Automata’s characters.

Please Note: This is my interpretation of the ideal Nier Reincarnation tier list. The list is subjective, so feel free to swap up characters if you think you’ll get the outstanding outcome.

Here is a four-tiered tier list for your ease. When rerolling, Tier S and Tier A should be the major picks, and Tier B should be the next. Tier C has just one character, which isn’t that bad; just keep it as a last choice.

Tier S Weapons In Nier Reincarnation

Character Weapon Element
A2 Fire Greatsword
2B Dark Sword
9S Light Sword

Tier A Weapons In Nier Reincarnation

Character Weapon Element
Frenlyse Wind Sword
Rion Dark Staff
Dimis Dark Gun
Akeha Water Greatsword

Tier B Weapons In Nier Reincarnation

Character Weapon Element
Argo Light Spear
Fio Light Fist
F66 Staff

Tier C Weapons In Nier Reincarnation

Character Weapon Element
063y Greatsword

Nier Reincarnation Tier List Character Information

Each of the characters is discussed in detail. Take a quick look at them.

nier reincarnation tier list


A2 is the most fearsome character, capable of dealing incredible damage to opponents. Because of her poor defense and HP, she is a class cannon, so it is highly suggested to power up her weapon Fire Greatsword whenever possible. This will increase her survivability. Thanks to her weapon as it allows her to significantly increase her combo meter with multiple hits at once. May you have a good chance of claiming her.


She does not deal as much damage as A2, but she still manages to rack up a lot of combo points for the unit. When her HP drops below 50%, her skill increases her attack by 26% and she’s pretty simple to build. Her default weapon is a dark sword that can do serious damage.


Best suited for PvP players seeking a reward for the first Nier Automata event. 9S is It’s not ideal for doing heavy damage to opponents, but it works well with multiple hits. She also contributes significantly to combo meter and has the best HP and Defense. Her powerful weapon is a dark sword with a 10% ability to stun a single opponent.


She’s perfect in every way. She is the mightiest damage dealer with high agility, making her ideal for boss fights and PvP games. Even well-known for degrading the enemy’s defense while rising the party’s attack power. You can never go wrong with Frenlyse.


A self-healer with the potential to reduce the attack power of the enemy. Because of her high HP and defensive figures, she is only recommended for long boss battles.


She is only considered for PvP players and is capable of doing massive damage right before the enemy’s turn. Her ability allows her to blind a single target by 75%.


A self-healer with the potential to reduce the attack power of the enemy. Because of her high HP and defensive figures, she is only recommended for long boss battles.


Argo is regarded as an average character, but he excels in PvP and provides the team with maximum attack turns. She can be used to boost a combo meter and the agility of allies.


You can use her to easily refill your team’s combo meter and enhance your party’s attack move. This is due to her strong defensive stats and potential to increase the team’s agility.


Amazing healer/supporter for the later stages of the play, as F66 offers more sustainability. In the early stages of the game, I do not recommend him.


063y is the most latest addition with heavy burst damage and Poison Ability strength, making him ideal for higher HP battles.

How To Reroll In Nier Reincarnation?

  • Launch the game and summon a character after completing the tutorial.
  • If you like the character go ahead with it and link your Google or Social media id with Nier reincarnation.
  • In case you aren’t satisfied with the character you summoned exit the game.
  • Go to settings ->  storage -> apps and then select “Nier”
  • Select the “clear data” option and start the game again.
  • The game will take you through the tutorial again as all the previous progress has been erased.
  • Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied with the character you summon.

That’s all for the Nier Reincarnation tier list. I hope you got a good understanding of each character now.