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My Little Universe How To Get Stars Or Energy Crystals

Wondering where to find Energy Crystals in My Little Universe? Read this guide to know.

Are you short on Energy Crystals and are unable to build a portal for the next world? Then read this guide about how to get Energy Crystals or Stars in My Little Universe. And advance quickly from one world to another while farming resources, expanding land, upgrading stations, and collecting rewards. Then unlock and teleport to Egyptium, currently the last and eighth world of the game.

Collect Energy Crystals or Stars in My Little Universe

Get Energy Crystals In My Little Universe

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Wadirum, Oddyseum, and Dragonora are worlds where you will get Stars or Energy Crystals in My Little Universe. This resource is called Energy Crystal, but due to its design, it got another name, Stars, so do not get confused between them. Now let us walk through these worlds and explore locations that have them.


According to Reddit user BlackFireHZD, players can find 23 Energy Crystals on Surface in the first part of World 5 and 15 Stars on Surface, 5 on Huntman’s Lair, 5 on Gambit and 5 on The Other Side of Wadirum’s second part. Polar Bear Boos, Sabertooth Tiger Boss, Snowwhite Boss, Squirrel Boss, and Huntman Boss are some boss enemies you would find in this world, so make sure you have prepared before jumping here.


This is the sixth world where players would find Stars in almost all of its parts. Such as going by the information provided by Reddit user BlackFireHZD. The Surface has 25 Energy Crystals, Justice Valley has 5, Gigantomachy has 5, Daedalus has 5, Tristis has 5, and The Fourth Circle has 5 of these resources.


If we went with the information of the same Reddit user. Then we will find 25 Energy crystals on the Surface, 5 on Nemus, 5 on Leizi, 5 on Ossis, 5 on Kolkhis, and 5 on Dominion Fireworks, Inc. This is the last world that contains Stars for now. And gives 50 Energy Crystals, according to most players.

If you are short on Stars and have explored all areas, the chances are that you haven’t found the Secret Passage. After finishing Nemus, you will come across a waterfall. Build it and go through it to reach the hidden area with one Star and money. Refer to the above image.

That’s all players need to know to get all stars or Energy Crystals in My Little Universe. While you are here, go through our other articles, read how to get Liquid Amber in MLU, and also learn some tips, tricks, and strategies.