My Little Universe: Tips And Tricks To Play

Want to play My Little Universe? Here are some tips & tricks for you.

My Little Universe is a casual simulation game where you have to expand land and develop the materials needed for survival. It has a quite straight forward gameplay. If you’re new to this game, this guide will help you in getting familiar with the game. In this guide, we have mentioned a few tips, tricks, and strategies for you to play My Little Universe. Check out this guide and you will learn all there is to know about the gameplay.

List of Tips, Tricks, and Strategies in My Little Universe

Here, we have covered a list of tips, tricks and strategies to play My Little Universe. Check out these ways and excel in the game.

  • Keep Farming Resources
  • Expand the Land
  • Move Horizontally while Harvesting
  • Build Upgrade Stations
  • Watch out for Monsters
  • Upgrade your Weapons
  • Watch Ads

Keep Farming Resources

Tips And Tricks in My Little Universe

The resources you obtain from the environment are the bible of this game. Everything you need to do in the game including building, crafting, upgrading or expanding, requires the specific resources to proceed. There are several resources that you need to gather such as Rock, Wood, Planks, Azurite, Steel, Coins, etc. So cut the resources excessively to progress faster.

Expand the Land

Expand Land in My Little Universe

As mentioned above, you need to collect resources to expand the land. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that you’re not expanding the land but you are widening your scope to discover and collect more materials.

Move Horizontally while Harvesting

Move Horizontally while harvesting

This is one of the most efficient tips, tricks, and strategies in My Little Universe we have come across while testing its gameplay. Keep moving horizontally while harvesting materials from the source. In this manner, you will be able to cover more ground and collect resources faster.

Build Upgrade Stations

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies in My Little Universe

You will use weapons like Sword, Pickaxe and Axe that have different uses in the game. By building the upgrade stations, you will be able to upgrade your weapons and gather more materials in one go. To upgrade each weapon, you need various resources. So, follow the bible and keep farming resources.

Watch out for Monsters

Watch out For Monsters

Yes, there are monsters in the game and they can spawn randomly and attack you if you are in their radius. However, it is easy and important to defeat them because they drop resources. The amount is not much but it acts like a good enough top-up. Upon upgrading your weapons, you can get rid of monsters in one or two strikes maximum.

Upgrade your Weapons

Upgrade Weapons

As mentioned above, keep upgrading your weapons. It has two benefits, one being that you can easily slay the monsters and the other is that you can farm resources faster. You can upgrade your weapons at their respective upgrade station.

Watch Ads

Watch Ads in My Little Universe

If you’re connected to the internet while playing the game, do watch ads because you get free materials from them. It can be annoying, indeed, but it will only help you in the long run as you can gain more resources in a matter of seconds.

This is pretty much all you need to know about the gameplay. Do follow these tips, tricks and strategies to play My Little Universe and advance further in the game without any hassle.

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