Gold And Goblins Cheats: Tips & Tricks To Play

Want to know how to play Gold And Goblins? Check out the Cheats and Tricks here.

Gold And Goblins is a Casual Merger Mining Simulator game where goblins have to clear the route to the next mine. You have to break different rocks and collect Gems, Gold, and Elixir to keep the Goblins going. Also, you have to keep upgrading the level of Goblins to destroy the different levels of rocks. Well, in this guide, we have mentioned some of the Cheats and Tricks to play Gold And Goblins.

What are the Cheats to Play Gold And Goblins?

Cheats to Play Gold and Goblins

If you’re looking for some Cheats and Tricks to play Gold And Goblins, unfortunately, there are no official cheats that you can use to progress in the game. However, we have mentioned some tricks that you can use to grind while playing. Below you will see those tips and tricks.

  • Use Cannon
  • Upgrade Forge
  • Unlock Other Mines
  • Watch Ads
  • Use Elixir Frequently

Use Cannon

The Cannon spits out barrels of Goblins. You have to tap on the Barrel and drag the Goblin to break the stones. Initially, you will get Level 1 Goblins. So, you have to merge the identical level Goblins to upgrade their level. At the bottom center of your screen, you will see the amount of Gold you need to fire the cannon. Get more goblins and break all the rocks

Upgrade Forge

Forge is the one item from which you can keep getting a certain amount of Gold. It helps to collect enough gold to fire the Cannon and get more goblins.

Unlock Other Mines

While breaking the rocks, you will stumble upon small mines on the side of your screen. These mines can get you free elixir and gold. You will see the level of rocks which has covered the mine, you have to break the rock and unlock it. Upon unlocking it, move forward to break other rocks. Because in some rocks you will find chests, gems, and elixir embedded in them. Break those rocks and collect the rewards.

Watch Ads

Ads can help you in doubling your gains or sometimes even claim a free goblin. Make sure to watch ads to smoothen your flow in the game. This is one of the important Cheats and Tricks in Gold And Goblins.

Use Elixir Frequently

Gather Elixir because it is used to upgrade most of the items in the game. You can upgrade various Goblins, and Forge with it. In order to upgrade the items, other than Elixir, you need Cards. You will get these cards by opening the chests that you will find in the game.

These are some of the Cheats and Tricks that you use in Gold And Goblins. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and browse through other similar articles such as Best Truck Simulators Games on Android and Tips and Tricks to Beat Bitlife.