Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game (2022)

These Bitlife hacks will help you glide through the game without an issue

Bitlife is a simulator game that allows players to live the life of their dreams. Players can be anything from a Monk to a Rockstar depending on how they want to play the game. However, sometimes grinding through the game can be a bit tedious. Money can be slow to come by and happiness falls quickly if you work too hard. So, how do you get ahead in the game without completely wiping out? With a little help from our Bitlife cheats, tips and tricks obviously. These Bitlife hacks will help you glide through the game without an issue.

Bitlife Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

How To Get Tons Of Money In Bitlife?

Money is an important aspect of Bitlife. Everything fun in the game requires money. Additionally, players also need it for regular tasks like going to the gym or getting a massage. However, players that want to live the jet setter life in Bitlife will especially need a lot of money. Vacations, houses, and vehicles can be quite expensive in this game. So, how can you rack up the wealth fast in this game? Here, are a few Bitlife cheats, tips and tricks.

Bitlife Money Cheats

Steal Unlimited Cars

Players can get money from a lot of sources apart from their jobs. This includes social media, crime, casino, horse races, lottery, freelance gigs, and asset flipping. While these are all great options to make money, some of these options only have a limited number of times that players can avail them. For example, if you want make money with Grand Theft Auto (Crime), you can only steal five cars before the game informs you that there are no more cars to steal. However, Grand Theft Auto is actually the quickest way to make a lot of money if you use a little hack.

Once players have stolen and sold all five of their Grand Theft Auto cars, they can shut down Bitlife completely and restart it. Once Bitlife has been reset, players will get a fresh set of cars to steal. This way players can steal and sell as many cars as they want and earn a lot of money without working a day. Players can earn millions of dollars with this method within a year if they keep repeating the process.

Money Bitlife Cheat

Bitlife Money Tips And Tricks


Another great way to earn money is by winning the lottery. However, is there a way to ensure a lottery win? Yes there is. Notice the text that appears in Bitlife when you age. Some years, this text will say “A fortune cookie told me to play the lottery“. Invest money in the lottery this year and you are almost guaranteed to win. Another way to ensure a lottery win is to turn on your Bitlife notifications. When you receive a notification saying “received a lottery tip”, you should go to the game and play the lottery with 10 tickets. One of the is almost certain to be a winner. This also works for horse races. In addition, if you have a lucky dice heirloom, play with it before buying a lottery ticket to increase your chances of winning the lottery.

Money Bitlife Cheat 1

Marry Royalty

Another great way to accumulate wealth is by marrying into royalty. This is guaranteed to give you an upgrade in life. However, you will have to sift endlessly through the date finder and go to the gym a lot if you hope to find a royal that is interested in dating you. Also, avoid getting a divorce and do not sign a prenup when marrying a royal. A divorce will end up with your character in debt while a prenup will ensure your character does not gain any financial advantage from the marriage.

Money Bitlife Cheat 2

How To Evade Police In Bitlife?

If you plan on following through our money cheat, you might end up encountering the police quite a few times. Luckily, we also have cheats, tips, and tricks to dodge the law enforcement in Bitlife. These hacks will make your encounters with the police a thing of past.

Bitlife Police Cheats

There is a risk of getting entangled with the police any time you commit a crime. In fact, after the new update it is also possible to be falsely accused of a crime! So, how do you avoid doing the time for the crime? With this nifty little Bitlife cheat. Every time you get caught in the middle of crime, close Bitlife immediately. Do not select any option to run, bribe, flirt or cooperate with the police. Also, do not click on the screen to continue if someone else has called the police on you. Simply exit the game completely. When you reopen Bitlife, the game will continue like the brush with the law enforcement never happened. This hack will allow players to avoid the police if they get caught trying to do the money hack as well.


How To Maintain Relationships In Bitlife?

Relationships play a major role in a player’s heath and happiness in Bitlife. However, if you do want to spend a lot of time maintaining relationships, there is a short cut to keeping relationships steady without a lot of effort. This is not a cheat but an in-game choice.

Bitlife Relationships Tips And Tricks

Players can choose to give friends and relatives money or gifts rather than spend time with them. This will improve the relationship quicker than actually doing stuff with them. You need to be cautious with this at the start of a relationship though as very expensive or very cheap gifts will be rejected and damage the relationship. When you know a person well only very cheap gifts will affect the  relationship detrimentally. So basically, you can choose to buy your way into favor with friends and relatives in Bitlife.

These are all the Bitlife cheats, tips and tricks that can help you get ahead in the game. We hope this guide proved helpful to you. For more Bitlife content, check out Bitlife Goth Clique: How To Join?