My Little Universe How To Get Green Gems

Read this guide to know where you can find Green Gems or Diamonds in My Little universe.

Diamonds are among the first items players explore in this game. And are used for various upgrades of tools, armor, and rockets. And sometimes for expanding land too. Due to its multiple uses, it becomes crucial to have them in abundance, so read this guide and find out where you can get these Diamonds or Green Gems in My Little Universe.

How to Obtain Diamonds or Green Gems in My Little Universe

Get Green Gems In My Little Universe

Gaia, Dimidium, Factorium, and Oddyseum are four worlds where you will find these resources. In game terms, this resource is called Diamond, but like some other game items, it also has another name, Green Gem. Therefore no need to get confused since Diamonds are Gems, so they are known as Green Gems.
Let us now learn about the locations of these Diamonds in detail.


Gaia is the first world with various biomes and merchants. You find Diamonds in the arctic region of this world near Yeti. Basic rock formations contain these green emeralds. And you can obtain it by destroying rocks with an Ax of level 4 or above. Once you have explored the whole Arctic zone and collected all Diamonds, you can sell them to Diamond Merchant for Coins.


Dimidium is the third world with a tropical setup. So you find these Green Gems in the Diamond Mine dungeon of this world. This mine contains Coal elements too. And this world’s other dungeons give Ruby, Amethyst, Azurite, Uranium, and Sulphur.


Factorium, as the name suggests, is a mechanical world and fourth in line. There are four dungeons in this world, one of which Einhar gives Diamonds as the main resource. Apart from these gemstones, dungeons here give Amethyst, Sulphur, and Ruby.


Oddyseum is a sixth world with Greek and Roman elements. This world gives plenty of resources and has seven dungeons. And the Shmoseidon dungeon gives us Green Gems in Oddyseum.

That’s all you need to know to get Diamonds or Green Gems in My Little Universe. While you are here, skim through our site and read how to obtain Stars and collect Liquid Amber in MLU.