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My Little Universe: How To Get Tokens

Read this guide to know where Quest Token is and how to get it in My Little Universe.

Tokens become as important as Gold Keys and Source Core when you progress in the game. These Tokens are used to unlock gates of different worlds, obtain Skins, and more. So keep reading this guide on how to get Quest Tokens in My Little Universe and progress to fifth and other planets.

How to Obtain Quest Tokens in My Little Universe

Quest Tokens In My Little Universe

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Quest reward, hidden Token pile, and Arena dungeon boss are three ways players can use to get Tokens in My Little Universe. Let us now read the elaboration of these methods.

The first method, the Quest Token reward is probably known by all. But if you do not know this, that must be because you have not created a Quest camp or advanced to the second planet. Adventure NPC gives these quests and adventures reset every day. And you can earn up to 14 Tokens a day using this way. The number of Tokens given by quest differs from the intensity and star rating of the task.

To take a quest, first, teleport to the second planet Trollheim. You will see a blue NPC standing on the right side of the portal. Go near him and press the Quests button popping over its head. You will see all the available missions. Tap in the i icon on quests to read the details of any task.

Hidden Token piles are placed anywhere on the planet. You have to watch ads to get them. And not all planets have them. So you might have to search every part of the world to get these Tokens. But according to some players, the pile mostly appears near Arena dungeon portals.

Trollheim, Dimidium, Factorium, Wadirum, Oddyseum, Dragonora and Egyptium have Arena dungeons. They reset after their set time, so explore and kill the boss before that to get Tokens. These dungeons are difficult. So be prepared before venturing inside them.

This is all you need to know on how to get Quest Tokens in My Little Universe. If this guide was helpful to you, check out our other similar articles, like how to get Pirate and obtain meat in the game.