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My Little Universe: How To Get Pirate

Are you wondering where Captain is and how to make him work for you? Read this guide to know.

Source Core and 3 Gold Keys are the most important items of planet Trollheim. But to take a boat to get the last key placed inside Skellirs Lair near Uranium Zone. This zone can only be accessed by boat, and you need to get Captain or Pirate to row you there in My Little Universe. So read this guide to know where the Captain is and how to make him work for you.

How to Get Captain or Pirate in My Little Universe

Find Captain In My Little Universe

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You get a Pirate by releasing it from the cage of the swamp zone. And this cage is guarded by Swamp Troll. So you first have to expand the Swamp land and kill the Troll. Then you have to follow the Pirate to protect him from Crocodile. The Crocodile chases the captain to the first zone where the port is built. Defeat the Crocodile. Then the Pirate will go stand near the port and wait for you to build and land the boat. If are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to get Captain. Then keep reading.

  • Teleport to the second Planet Trollheim. Go to the left side and complete the wheat zone.
  • Then you will see the first dungeon, Azurite Cavern. Complete it and collect as much Azurite as you can. You will need it to build the next zone.
  • Come out of the dungeon. Right above it is the path to the next zone. Expand the land and complete the Rock zone.
  • Then the Coal zone will open. Build it till you open the swamp region. Start by building the right part of this swamp region. As your pirate needs a bridge for returning safely.
  • Then proceed to the left part of the swamp area. You will unlock Swamp Troll in an area that looks like the above picture.
  • Defeat the Troll and free the Captain. Now dodge the Crocodiles and run towards the Pirate to kill the monster chasing him.
  • Once you have made sure that the Pirate has safely landed near the port. Go and collect 1.0K Planks, 2.0K Coal, and 1.0K Gears to build a boat.

That’s all you need to do to release and get Captain or Pirate in My Little Universe. While you are here, look at our other articles from the mentioned game. How to get a boat and three Gold keys.