My Little Universe: How To Find 3 Keys

Check out this guide to learn the location of three Gold Keys of Trollheim in My Little Universe.

Gold Keys are one of the two resources players need to progress in the game. But finding these keys in different worlds like Trollheim is difficult. Therefore we went through planet Trollheim and put together this guide on how to find 3 Gold Keys in My Little Universe. Read this guide for both brief and long explanations.

How to Find Trollheim 3 Gold Keys in My Little Universe

Golden 3 Keys Of My Little Universe

Azurite Cavern, Stufurs Lair, and Skellirs Lair are dungeons of Trollheim with 3 keys. You have to win these Dungeons and collect Gold Keys from here that you can later use to progress in the game with Source Core. Keep reading this guide to know the location of these dungeons and the enemies you face there.

Azurite Cavern

This is the first dungeon you will discover on this Planet. It is hidden near the wheatfield. And you face enemies like Scarecrow here. Enter this cave and keep building more land till you find Rock Monsters. They are standing in front of Gold Key. Defeat them and take the key.

Stufurs Lair

Stufurs Lair is a second dungeon cave guarded by Spiders. And you will have to pass the Level 17 Pickaxe area to reach there. Once you pass the Pickaxe zone, you will find a board guiding you toward Amethyst mine. Keep following it and enter the cave. Inside you will face Red Soldiers and Coal Trolls. Red Soldiers are everywhere in the cave, but the Coal Troll is near the Gold Key. So just look around the Coal Troll to find the second key.

Skellirs Lair

This is the hardest area to reach in Trollheim, as you need to take a boat from here. And you need 1.0K Gears to build the boat. Plus, you have to kill the Swamp Troll and release Captain from the cage of the swamp zone. So explore and unlock a sandy zone till you reach area 1 and have enough resources to build a boat. Take that boat and reach the Uranium zone. Explore to find the dungeon near the Portal. This dungeon has a Source Core board outside it. Enter the cave and keep exploring till you get the third key.

That’s all players need to do to find 3 Gold Keys in My Little Universe. While you are here, skim through our other articles and read how to get Blue Sword and obtain Green Gems in the game.