My Little Universe: How To Get A Blue Sword

Read this guide to learn how to obtain Blue Sword or a level 9 Weapon in My Little Universe.

The game has many worlds with several crucial pieces of equipment and artifacts. One of that items is a weapon, and here we will learn how to get a level 9 weapon or Blue Sword in My Little Universe. These weapons give you health and the power to defeat your enemies.

How to Get Level 9 Weapon or Blue Sword in My Little Universe

Level 9 Weapon In My Little Universe

The Blue Sword is found in Gaia, the first world of your game. You need to obtain Source Core and upgrade your weapon to level 8 black sword to get Blue Sword. Source Core is used both for unlocking this sword and to advance in the next world. Keep reading to know where you find Source Core and how you upgrade Weapons in the game.

  • Launch your game and reach World 1.
  • This world has several biomes. You first need to look for the Arctic or Frozen land.
  • The land has a pointer board pointing to the location of the Source Core. As shown in the image.
  • You need to keep building the land and then reach the Core. There are two blue color Source Cores.
  • Once you have obtained the Core, jump in the water and swim across to an opposite area.
  • Keep walking and pass the Rock and Steel field. You will reach the Azurite zone and find a Sword there.
  • But don’t take it now. First, you need to upgrade your sword to level 8.
  • To do that walk right from the Blue Sword. There you will see Weapon Refinery.
  • Collect the needed items and refine your sword to level 8.
  • Now go back to the Blue Sword and take it.
  • That’s it, you have obtained this level 9 Weapon. And now you can use it to fight boss monsters.

Hopefully, this article on how to get a level 9 Weapon or Blue Sword in My Little Universe was helpful to you. If it was, skim through our site and read guides like how to get Green Gems and Energy Crystals in the mentioned game.