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My Little Universe: How To Get A Boat

Read this guide to learn how to build and use the boat in My Little Universe.

Gold Keys and Source Core are the two most crucial resources of planet Trollheim. We need Gold Keys to unlock level 17 Pickaxe and Source Core to progress in the game. But both of these cannot be done without going crossing the sea. Therefore read this guide to learn where to find and get a boat in My Little universe.

How to Get and Use Boat in My Little Universe

Build Boat In My Little Universe

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A boat can be built from the dock of the first zone. But you need more than 900 Gears to build it and a captain to sail it. If you are wondering where to find them in Trollheim. Then keep reading to know. When you first reach this world, you will be in the zone with Plank resources. Go a little north and free the round glasses NPC, who is a tailor. Now advance to the mountain zone and release the farmer by defeating Mountain Troll.

You can collect Gold Key from the Azurite Cavern dungeon located near the wheat field. And then advance to the coal region after crossing the mountain zone. Kill Spiders and explore Stufurs Lair to get a second Golden Key. Then advance to Swamp region and defeat Swamp Troll to release Captain from the cage. And stop him from running into Crocodiles.

After crossing the Swamp region, you will reach the sandy region, filled with Skeleton and Gears. Kill the Skeletons and collect the Gears. Now, you need 1.0K Planks, 2.0K Coal, and 1.0K Gears to build the boat. So make sure you have collected the required amount of resources. Now keep adding more land to this zone and connect to area one. Then build the dockyard and the boat. Finally, go sit on the boat and advance to the Uranium zone. And get the third Golden Key and Source Cores from Skellirs Lair.

In this guide, you learned how to get and use a boat in My Little Universe. If this was helpful, then read how to get three Gold Keys and obtain Blue Sword in the game.