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My Little Universe: How To Get Skins

Wondering where you can get Skins in My Little Universe? Read this guide to know.

The default Stickman character one gets in the game is a plain orange avatar. And not everyone is happy with that, so they want to change their skin and transform into characters like Ms.Hedge or Ice Princess. If you are one of them, this guide on how to get Skins in My Little Universe is for you. Plus, Skins are more than just Cosmetics. They come with buffs that are helpful while exploring, so read this guide even if you don’t mind the default one.

Where to Find Skins in My Little Universe

Skins In My Little Universe

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Skins are obtained from the Change Character or Skin Portal of Gaia planet. This portal is placed on the west side of the first area of World 1. And players need Quest Token or money to unlock and wear these Skins. The amount of Quest Token required for every character is different. And it varies depending on the buffs it’s offering. As for money, it usually provides special offer characters.

To use the portal, go inside it. And it will open up the character Skin menu. Scroll down to check out the skin. Tap on the Skin card that looks interesting to you. Then read its purchase requirements and attributes. Buy it with Quest Tokens or cash.

Apart from Skin Portal, you can obtain new Skins by spending real cash and buying Cosmetic packs from Owl. All planets have Owl. Bearbarian Skin, Werewolf Skin, and Diver Skin are a few skins you can purchase from this NPC.

These were all the ways players can use to obtain or get Skins in My Little Universe. Use them to buy Skins with decent buffs and attributes, which will help you depending on the design of different worlds and zones. And if this guide was helpful to you, skim through our site and read other guides like how to get a boat and how to find 3 Keys in the same game.