Mighty Doom: Prowler Boss Guide

Are you looking for information on the Prowler Boss of Mighty Doom? Then you have landed in the right place. Keep reading to know.

Prowler is one of the bosses you face in chapter 5 of this game. Even though he is not the final boss of the chapter, defeating him is a lot harder than many final ones. If you are thinking, why and what can you do to kill Prowler Boss in Mighty Doom? Then read this guide and get answers to all your queries.

How to Defeat Boss Prowler in Mighty Doom

Defeat Prowler Boss In Mighty Doom

Prowler is a boss monster with the power to teleport and duplicate itself. Making it a lot harder to defeat, as guessing where it will teleport next is crucial. By studying this monster’s movements, we can say that it mostly teleports to corners and sometimes beside walls. And it jumps every time it takes damage. So one way to defeat is to get leveled up and have high specs weapons. And another is to grind till you face the one that hardly duplicates.

There are times when Prowler multiplies two to three times, and there are also times when it does nothing. If it is not teleporting and duplicating, then it is recommended you get in the corner and attack it with a projectile ability that changes direction with the monster.

Recommended Weapons Against It

Flame Belch, Chain Gun, and BFG 9000 are recommended weapons to defeat this boss. As the first four chapters are not as chaotic as Chapter 5, getting control of the battleground becomes difficult. Thus, Flame Belch is highly recommended as it is easy to handle and doesn’t constrain your movements. Plus, enemies that are weak against fire take more damage from it.

Chain Gun rapidly shoots, but has a charge time. So upgrade it as much as you can before reaching chapter 5. BFG 9000 throws big fireballs like our enemy. Therefore is recommended for defense and attack. If you don’t own Flame Belch and BFG 9000, you can go with Plasma Rifle too. It might take some time to defeat Prowler with this weapon, but this is best after the recommended three.

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