Mighty Doom: Mecha Zombie Boss Guide

Read this article to learn how to kill Mecha Zombie Boss in Mighty Doom.

Mecha Zombie is a boss monster that appears twice in the game, in Chapter 3 and then chapter 4. Therefore knowing about this enemy is crucial, so read this Mighty Doom Mecha Zombie guide. It is a strong variant of the zombie first introduced in Doom Eternal. Its mechanical enhancement makes it an even tougher opponent, so this article also covers how to defeat it.

How to Defeat Mecha Zombie in Mighty Doom

Beat Mecha Zombie Boss In Mighty Doom

Mecha Zombie has a flamethrower in one hand and iron claws in another. Making it difficult in both close and long-range battles. But defeating it is comparatively easier than other chapter monsters. Because its movements are restricted and can be avoided with some practice.

This opponent throws flame balls that go in a circular motion. Oftentimes you would see it rotating on the sides of the ground with a flamethrower. Mecha Zombie hardly takes corners as that will restrict its weapons. What players need to focus on is the gap between its flames. Another reason that it rotates while using flame balls is to fill the gap between these fireballs.

Players need to take advantage of that gap and avoid getting hit. To do that, stay as far as you can from the monster, to see the gap and dodge the attacks. While doing that, use weapons like Combat Shotgun, Super Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, and Heavy Cannon. These types of equipment deal huge damage to the Mecha Zombie and are easy to use, even for new players.

Fighting a ranged battle against it is always a good option, but you can also deal heavy damage to this opponent in close fights if you use items like Chainsaw and Crucible. But only do that if you have high HP, defense equipment, and health. As dodging flames in close range is rather difficult.

That’s all on Mecha Zombie of Mighty Doom. If this guide was helpful to you, go ahead and skim through our site to read more same-game articles like how to beat Prowler Boss and the Weapon tier list.