Mighty Doom – Beginner Guide, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Read this beginner guide to learn all the tips and tricks of Mighty Doom.

Are you looking for Beginner guides, tips, and tricks for Mighty Doom? Then you have landed on the correct page. We have covered everything new players should know and pay attention to progress faster in the game. Mighty Doom is a franchise of Doom Eternal, so players who have played the PC, Xbox, and PS versions of the game might have a little difficulty understanding its mechanism. So read and understand all that.

Beginner Guide, Tips, and Tricks for Mighty Doom

Mighty Doom Tips Tricks

  • Use All Gear Slots
  • Study About Weapons
  • Keep Upgrading Gears and Slayer
  • Check Equipment Buffs
  • Create Three Loadouts
  • Always Check Your Mail
  • Participate in Events
  • Collect Daily Rewards

Use All Gear Slots

There are a total of eight gears that Slayer can use in the game. So make sure you have utilized all of them. No matter if you are using a piece of common, uncommon, rare, or epic equipment. You will get better gears in the future if you keep grinding, upgrading, and fusing the present ones.

Study Weapons in Mighty Doom

Try out different weapons and cosmetic combinations to understand what suits you best. There are a total of 18 weapons for now. It consists of the projectile and Melee weapons and capabilities like flame and ballistic damage. Knowing your weaponry allows you to choose abilities that complement your gear too.

Keep Upgrading Gears and Slayer

It goes without saying how important it is to keep upgrading in this game. As you progress more chapters will unlock, some with waves of monsters and rugged bosses. If you have three sets of the same weapon, you can fuse them to increase their rarity and go to Epic range.

Check Equipment Buffs

All gears come with different buffs and abilities. While some increase the damage rate and others maximize your HP or Health. And play a crucial role when you are going against an enemy that is weak towards one element or is extremely strong against another.

Create Three Loadouts in Mighty Doom

The first loadout should be a combination of melee and ranged. The second should have only melee weapons. And the third should focus on a projectile. There are many chapters with various kinds of monsters. Some have majority melee, some have ranged, and some have mixed. So having a plan for all three scenarios is always beneficial.

Always Check Your Mail

The game creators keep on updating it. And with some updates, they send instructions or rewards that players should be aware of. Therefore always check your game mails and get extra freebies sometimes.

Participate in Mighty Doom Events

Some chapters are harder than others. Therefore trying them again and again without upgrading is not very helpful. So take part in events and earn rewards that you can use for an upgrade and for unlocking something new.

Collect Daily Rewards

Freebies should never be missed, as you can use them for various upgrades, which is important for progressing in the game. Daily Rewards and Daily Mission are two platforms players get for earning free rewards. So use them and max out your gears.

That’s all for Mighty Doom beginner guide, tips, and tricks. While you are here, read other articles based on the same game. Such as how to defeat Mecha Zombie and beast Prowler Boss.