How To Level Up Account Fast In Epic Seven (E7)

This is how to level up fast in E7.

Epic 7 is an action fantasy role-playing game. Where you and your team of heroes are on a mission to defeat an Archdemon and its army. To do that, you will need to rise as fast as possible. So here is how to level up your account fast in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven (E7): How to Level Up Account Fast

Level Up Account Fast E7


Reroll your account until you get the desired strong unit like Sez. You can do that by going to Settings and hitting “Reset Server”. This will delete all your progress, so only perform it if you haven’t completed much. Sez, Destina, Vildred, Angelica, Charlotte, Free Spirit Tieria, and Clarissa are the best summons for beginners.

Use Elemental Advantage

This is a most ignored aspect of the game, but it can prove crucial in boss matches. It will give you the upper hand on your enemy and increase the chance of completing and earning rewards faster. There are five elements: Ice, Fire, Light, Dark, and Earth. Earth beats the Ice, Ice beats the Fire, and Fire beats the Earth. Dark and Light are equally powerful.

Login Rewards

It is better to log in every day, even when you do not have time to play stories or stages. Every day, you get different items for check-in, which can be used for future missions and upgrades.

Daily Missions

There are daily and weekly tasks. They give several types of rewards, including Charms and Coins.

Adventure Stages: These stages can give Adventure points, which you exchange for items like Catalyst. You also earn other resources like Gold, Coins, and Gear.

Awaken Your Units

Awaken your heroes to advance faster and easier in the game. You have to clear Episode 1, 2-10 to awaken them. They get stats to boost and bonus enhancement skills after awakening.


Farm microtransaction currencies and exchange items like AP, Modification Gems, Covenant Bookmarks, Stigma, Catalyst, Gold, Penguin, and EXP. You can check our site to learn how to farm these resources and items.

This is all you need to focus on to level up your account fast in Epic Seven. Wondering how to farm Charms and how to get Skystones in E7.