How To Farm Charms In Epic Seven (E7)

These are all the ways to earn Charms fast in E7.

Charms are a type of ingredient used to enhance your pieces of equipment. Using them is a lot faster than Fodder. Due to this, they are in high demand. But they are not easy to obtain, so we have put together this list of all the places and locations to farm Charms in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven: How to Farm Charms

Farm Charms E7

Alexa’s Shop

Alexa can be found in Azmakalis Raid Labyrinth of normal and hard difficulty. She has a Catalyst, Charm, Equipment Chest, and more. You can purchase Epic Ring Charm and Epic Artifact Charm from her.

Automation Tower

Some floors of this tower give you Charm as Conquer Reward. Such as Floor 8 rewards Epic Necklace Charm. It not only gives you Charms but also rewards Epic Equipment Charm Selection Chest.

Side Story Exchange

This resets every week. And has Bookmarks, Greater Artifact Charm, and Greater Equipment Charm Selection Chest.

Huche’s shop

You will find this Vagrant Merchant in Area 3 of Tirel Castle in Labyrinth. It owns several kinds of Charm, such as Lesser Boot Charm, Lesser Helm Charm, Greater Necklace Charm, Greater Armor Charm, and more.

Alchemist’s Steeple

You can craft Random Equipment Charm, Random Accessory Charm, Greater Equipment Charm, and Great Accessory Charm. It gets reset every week, so it is better to perform them before resetting.


You can purchase Charms from the Transmit Stone shop. It has Lesser and Greater Artifact and Accessory Charms. That gets reset every week. Covenant Coin shop and Ancient Coin shop also possess Charms. And if you are part of the Guild, you will find them on Member Shop shops.

These are all the best methods to farm Charms in Epic Seven E7. If you found this guide knowledgeable and are looking for more articles from this game. Then Check out how to get Skystones and how much Effectiveness for Wyvern.