How To Farm Skystones In Epic Seven (E7)

Wondering where you can get Skystones? Check out this guide.

Skystone is a microtransaction currency used to refresh Secret Shop, buy Energy, buy Covenant Bookmarks, increase Inventory, and Epic Pass Upgrade. There are several ways to earn them in the game, as they are required at multiple places. So check out this guide to learn how to farm Skystones in Epic Seven E7.

Epic Seven: How to Farm Skystones

Farm Skystones E7

Adventure Stages

Every time you complete a mission of Adventure Stage and earn a star, you get some Skystones. You also get Skystones as a reward for completing the stages. And these stages give Adventure Points too. You can win these missions easier compared to many other challenges.

Heart of Orbis

This is a part of Sanctuary. And should first get to Cradle of Life level 2, Mirror of Light level 3, and Benedictory Sanctum level 3. Cradle of life stores up to 24000 Gold and 6 Skystone. Mirror of Light makes 3000 Gold and 0.75 Skystone every hour. And Benedictory Sanctum increases a 50% chance to earn 200% additional rewards.

Automation Tower

Try to go for the hardest level, as they give the best rewards. You can earn Skystones, Gold, and other resources from this location.

Login Rewards

You do not need to invest much time in the game. Simply log in once a day and collect your rewards, the game mostly gives you Skystone in seven days, starting from 6d. But this might vary with the Episode and level.

Daily Missions

Three Sisters’ Diary can give you 30 Skystones at 100 points. And this is where you can get a Daily Reputation Reward Chest, which can give you Silver Transmit Stone, Bookmarks, and more.


Abyss is the deepest part of the seventh world, and there are 100+ levels or floors in this Abyss tower. It is considered the best farming location for almost all resources. Floor 45 can give you 500 Skystones as a reward.


Arena is probably the best source of earning Skystone. Its Promotion Rewards are high in comparison to other missions and stages, and you can get 700, 800, 900, and even 1000 Skystones by ranking. Even weekly Skystone rewards are 600+, depending on the rank.

Here is how to get or farm Skystones in Epic Seven E7. If you are looking for more articles related to this game. Then check out how much Effectiveness for Wyvern and Elemental advantage.