How Long Persona 5 Royal Takes to Beat

Find out here How Long Persona 5 Royal Takes to Beat compared to its original game.

Persona 5 Royal is a remake of the original Persona 5. The game has new additions like a new third semester, new events involving daily school life and the Phantom Thieves, new characters, locations, and more. The game itself is very big compared to other RPG games. The original Persona 5 ran for around 80 – 100 hours and it seems that Persona 5 Royal has even surpassed its playtime.

Since the game is said to bring out a ton of new content with a bunch of additional features and a new story arc, which add to the overall runtime of the original game. Players are curious as to how long is it gonna take to complete the whole home. Let’s find out how long will it take players to complete the new game?

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How Long Persona 5 Royal Takes to Beat?

The game is said to earn its lengthy runtime by integrating social sim elements and RPG dungeon crawling to tell a heavy story and develop its characters. Since the story arc and many other things have enhanced and changed drastically you will need at least more time compared to Persona 5. If you have played Persona 5 you might have a fair idea of how long it takes to finish the game.

Persona 5 Royal will take around 70-80 hours to complete the game. This is considering you haven’t take any side quests, or spend a lot of time exploring. But if you decide to play the game and go along with all its side quests and exploring and taking your time you will need around 100-130 hours to complete the whole game.

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Compared to the original Perona 5 you will love to play Persona 5 Royal since a lot of needless gameplay like time spent in battle and roaming around palaces has been cut short. It is quite comfortable and will definitely interest you. Most of the extra time is all due to the new additions and you definitely will love playing everything.

Obviously, if you ask the question of How Long Persona 5 Royal Takes to Beat it is difficult to give an accurate time since it depends on how the player is playing and the speed or dedication he or she is playing with. But, surely, you will be spending a huge amount of time just to complete the game.