Hitman 3 All Door Codes & Safe Codes Combinations (2022)

Looking for Hitman 3 Door Codes and Safe Codes Combination? Check this guide to know all keycodes in the game.

Hitman 3 has a lot of doors and safes that need to be unlocked with passcodes aka code combinations. All key codes in the game are fixed so all you will be needing is to refer to this article to save your time and continue playing. While there are different ways in which you can get these codes organically it will be much easier for you guys to just find them in one article.

In this guide, we have mentioned all Hitman 3 Door Codes and Safe Codes Combination. These codes are the same for all players so you will just have to copy-paste them to keep progressing in the game.

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All Hitman 3 Door Codes & Safe Codes Combinations (2022)

Dubai Codes

  • 4706 (Door, Staff Area) – Door Code for the Staff Area on Floor Level 00. You will be able to find it after entering from behind the bar.
  • 4706 (Door, Atrium) – This code will work between the Atrium and the Staff Area on Floor 00.
  • 6927 (Safe, Security Room Floor 02 & 03) – This is the Safe Code on Floor 02 in the Security Room. This code can be used on both Floor 03 & 02 security room safe. The safe has the evacuation keycard.
  • To Be Updated (Safe, Penthouse Guest Bedroom) – This code is for the safe in the Guest bedroom in the Penthouse on Floor 05.

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Dartmoor Codes

  • 1975 (Safe, Case File) – This code can be used for the safe in Alexa Carlisle’s office on the second floor. The safe code contains the Casefile. By pressing the button on her chair you can reveal a safe behind a picture frame. Add the Safe code combination there.

Berlin Codes

Does not have any Hitman 3 Door Codes and Safe Codes Combination.

Chongqing Codes

  • 0118 (Door, Container) – This is a door code to the ICA Facility. You will overhear some people saying the code load and entering the facility.
  • 0118 (Door, ICA Apartment) – Door code for ICA Apartment that contains P41 Form on Floor level 02. This is the same code as the ICA Facility door.
  • 0118 (Door, Laundromat) – Door Code for the Laundromat on Floor level 01.
  • 2552 (Door, Benchmark Lab) – Door Code to the staircase in the Benchmark Lab on Floor Level 04.
  • 2552 (Door, Hush’s Private Lab) – You can get access by going to the balcony from Hush’s Private Lab and use the Door Code to Therapy Room.
  • 2552 (Door, Arcade) – Door Code inside the Arcade on Floor Level 00.

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Mendoza Codes

  • 1945 (Laser System) – Door Code to shut down the Laser System in the Wine Fridge on Floor Level 01.
  • 2006 (Safe, Villa Basement) – Safe Code to the Villa Basement that contains important intel.

Carpathian Mountains Codes

  • 1979 (Door) – You will need this code at the start of the mission. It is a Door Code and will be shown on the poster on the left side of the door.

And with this the list of All Hitman 3 Door Codes and Safe Codes Combination is complete. We will be updating this article if any new codes happen to appear. Make sure to bookmark this article to not miss out on any updates and keep following us on GamesAdda.in. You can also read our guide on Hitman 3 Modes, Multiplayer & VR.