How To Get Gold Fast In Arena Of Valor

Want to earn your gold swiftly in Arena Of Valor? This guide will teach you how you can do it.

While playing Arena Of Valor, you frequently need to use Gold to make upgrades of Heroes and unlocking various Heroes. If you feel the need to gain more Gold than you have in AOV, you are in the right place. In this guide, you will get to know how to get Gold faster in Arena Of Valor.

How to Earn Gold Faster in Arena Of Valor?

Gold in AOV

Once in a while, all have felt that if only they had a little extra gold, they would have managed to clear the level or the stage in Arena Of Valor. Well, don’t fret, there are several ways that you can implement to make ends meet. Go through the below tips and tricks to get gold faster in AOV and push a little harder in the game.

Daily Rewards

Completing the daily missions and collecting the Daily Battle Rewards in the game helps a lot. You can complete petty missions while playing the game and collect considerable Gold among other things in the rewards. Make sure you reap the benefits of Daily Battle Rewards.

Guild Credits

If you haven’t joined a guild in Arena Of Valor yet, you ought to join one soon. Guild rewards contribute to your treasury and inventory quite enough. Also, by completing games you can get Gold in Arena Of Valor while redeeming guild rewards and points.

Various Events

Whenever an Event flashes in Arena Of Valor, do get the most of it. You can get fair enough Gold and awards by participating in the events. Events are the best way to earn more gold so keep an eye out for one.

Winner Gets All

Keep playing the game and try your best to emerge as a victor. You get certain benefits if you win more games and Gold is one of them. So, to get more Gold in Arena Of Valor, thrive in battles.

Upgrade Your Levels

If you continue to play more games, you will earn experience and level up more easily. Leveling up can help you get more gold and more items in the game. Ultimately, it will help you win more games with higher level items in your arsenal.

These are some of the ways you can try and get more Gold in Arena Of Valor. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, feel free to check out how to Change Server in Arena Of Valor and Arena Of Valor Tier list.