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Arena Of Valor Tier List (November 2022)

Win the most epic battles by using the Arena Of Valor tier list provided below.

If you want to win the game and emerge as a legendary player, you have no choice but to master your heroes. This is an unspoken rule in every action RPG, and Arena Of Valor is no different. It is the most legendary MOBA title ever, allowing you to take down enemies in real-time.

The game features intense wars, fantastic gameplay, and an impressive hero lineup. Your success in the game is highly reliant on the team you build. With too many heroes to choose from, assembling the dream team is a challenging task. Worry no more because here’s the most relevant and up-to-date Arena Of Valor tier list that will come in handy.

Arena Of Valor Tier List – November 2022

Are you unsure which hero will help you succeed and prove worthwhile in the long run? Then you’ve come to the right place since this tier list is built keeping a variety of factors in mind to ensure maximum wins.

Here heroes alongside their class and specific roles are ranked in order from most efficient to least efficient. The Arena Of Tier list includes 6 tiers namely S, A, B, C, D, and F. Let’s go over the list.

Tier S Heroes in Arena of Valor

These are the most powerful heroes to have on the battlefield. When you use them, you are certain to gain dominance over others. If you want to excel, you should prioritize these heroes. They form the strongest group in the game’s meta.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Teemee Roamer Support
Lorion Mid Mage
Butterfly Jungler Assassin
Riktor Dark Slayer Warrior
Wonder Woman Roamer Warrior
Capheny Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Zata Mid Mage
Zip Roamer Support
Hayate Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Ignis Mid Mage
Keera Jungler Assassin

Tier A Heroes in Arena of Valor

Tier A heroes are less effective than tier S-heroes, but their strengths should not be underestimated. They play a significant role in the current meta and are the best picks to have on your side.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Florentino Dark Slayer Warrior
Bright Jungler Assassin
Veres Dark Slayer Warrior
Violet Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Paine Mid Assassin
Ryoma Jungler Warrior
Maloch Roamer Warrior
Qi Dark Slayer Warrior
Violet Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Allain Dark Slayer Warrior
Slimz Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Raz Mid Mage
Kriknak Jungler Assassin
Omen Dark Slayer Warrior
Thane Roamer Tank
Krizzix Roamer Support
Dextra Dark Slayer Warrior
Liliana Mid Mage
Yena Dark Slayer Warrior
Chaugnar Roamer Support
Krixi Mid Mage
Baldum Roamer Tank
Quillen Jungler Assassin
Brunhilda Abyssal Dragon Marksman

Tier B Heroes in Arena of Valor

Tier B heroes do an excellent job and will not let you down. They are successful when used strategically and can lead to further victories. They are the perfect replacements for tier S and tier A heroes and also for filling out your group.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Superman Dark Slayer Warrior
Ata Roamer Tank
Moren Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Laville Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Ilumia Mid Mage
Tulen Mid Mage
Zill Jungler Mage
Elsu Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Zuka Dark Slayer Warrior
Fennik Jungler Marksman
Grakk Roamer Tank
Ormarr Roamer Tank
Kil’Groth Dark Slayer Warrior
Lu Bu Dark Slayer Warrior
Tel’Annas Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Aleister Mid Mage
Flash Mid Mage
Airi Dark Slayer Assassin
Azzen’Ka Mid Mage
Zephys Jungler Warrior
Nakroth Jungler Assassin
Diaochan Mid Mage
The Joker Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Rourke Jungler Warrior
Rouie Roamer Support
Eland’orr Jungler Marksman
Arthur Dark Slayer Warrior
Xeniel Roamer Tank
Y’bneth Roamer Tank

Tier C Heroes in Arena of Valor

The tier C list of Arena Of Valor is average. They provide support to the team that’s it. You can’t put together a team around them.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Roxie Dark Slayer Tank
Thorne Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Omega Roamer Tank
Valhein Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Lumburr Roamer Support
Marja Mid Mage
Wisp Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Mganga Mid Mage
Lindis Jungler Marksman
Mina Roamer Tank
Dirak Mid Mage
Peura Roamer Support

Tier D Heroes in Arena of Valor

If you’re a seasonal player who knows how to exploit the limited utility these heroes have, you must use them on the battlefield. They have significant drawbacks, and if used incorrectly, the team will be doomed. It’s better not to take risk them and opt for top-tier heroes.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Max Dark Slayer Tank
Yorn Abyssal Dragon Marksman
Preyta Mid Mage
Astrid Dark Slayer Warrior
Enzo Jungler Assassin
Jinnar Mid Mage
D’Arcy Jungler Mage
Kahlii Mid Mage
Annette Roamer Support
Wukong Jungler Assassin
Skud Dark Slayer Warrior
Wiro Roamer Warrior
Zanis Jungler Warrior
Batman Dark Slayer Assassin
Alice Roamer Support
Lauriel Mid Mage
Sephera Roamer Mage

Tier F Heroes in Arena of Valor

Tier F heroes are the ultimate example of failures. Never, like never ever use them. Remember these names so you can avoid them while forming a team.

Hero Best Lane/Role Class
Errol Dark Slayer Warrior
Arum Roamer Tank
Gildur Mid Mage
Ishar Roamer Mage
Murad Jungler Assassin
Cresht Roamer Tank
Arduin Dark Slayer Warrior
Natalya Mid Mage
Amily Dark Slayer Warrior
Toro Roamer Tank
Taara Dark Slayer Tanl
Veera Mid Mage

That is the Arena Of Valor tier list you were looking for. I hope you found it helpful. Click here for more tier lists like this one.